10 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts To Buy In 2021

fathers day gift for dad

With Father’s Day right around the corner, many of us are left rushing to buy last-minute Father’s Day gifts. Though instead of settling for a cliche set of socks or a basic neck-tie, take the time to grab that special father figure in your life a gift he’ll be sure to remember. 

Are you on the hunt for last-minute Father’s Day gifts? In this article, we’ve listed 10 great Father’s Day gifts that'll be sure to leave him surprised and delighted.  

Beard Renovation Kit 

beard renovation kit

First up on our list of last-minute Father’s Day gifts, we have the Beard Renovation Kit - the perfect gift for any dad that needs a little help taming his whiskers. 

The kit has everything he needs to tidy up his beard lines and get rid of any fly-away hairs - including a clear shave gel, beard scissors, and the matte black single blade razor. Or, if he wants to shave his whiskers and start his beard from scratch, he can do so with this premium shaving gel and safety razor. 

Face Follicle Trifecta 

face follicle trifecta

For those bearded blokes in your life, we’d suggest picking up this Face Follicle Trifecta pack - containing everything he needs to maintain his whiskers. 

This includes a travel-sized 2-in-1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner and full-sized beard oil, to keep his facial hair clean, soft, and looking fresh. If that’s not enough, there’s also a pocket comb included to help shape and style his facial hair into place. 

Milkman Shave Pack

Milkman Shave Pack

This Milkman Shave Pack is perfect for any guys that are always complaining about razor bumps or shaving cuts.

This pack includes a Clear Shaving Gel and a Mach 3 Wooden Handle Razor, helping him to create a seamless, precise shave every time. To soothe any irritated skin and heal shaving cuts, there’s also an Aftershave Serum - with a seasonal scent that both of you can enjoy. 

Mini Mo Survival Kit 

moustache survival kit

For the man in your life that takes pride in his moustache, consider grabbing this Mini Mo Survival Kit to restore his ‘stache to its former glory.

He’ll have all the essentials to shape and style his whiskers, including a deluxe Mo’ Stick moustache wax and a mini styling comb. 

These products will keep his mo’ in place, feeling soft, and smelling great. 

Moustache Rescue Kit 

moustache rescue kit

Does his moustache need some serious love and care? This Moustache Rescue Kit will do the trick. Growing and shaping a top-notch moustache couldn’t be easier with these 6 essential items in his grooming arsenal. 

The kit includes a moustache brush, mini comb, and moustache wax for shaping and styling. There’s also a pair of moustache scissors, clear shaving gel, and a double edge safety razor to tame fly-away hairs and tidy up his beard lines. 

All of these products are neatly packed into our signature matte black Dopp bag to keep all his gear in one easy place. 

3-Pack Beard Balm

If he’s an absolute fanatic for Milkman Beard Balm, why not stock up by grabbing this 3-Pack Of Beard Balm?

He’ll receive 3 x full-sized beard balms, each with a distinct and unique scent that he can put into rotation. This includes a sweet Spiced Vanilla, our spicy ‘Freshly Baked’ scent, and a Beard Candy balm.

Just Jelly Body Combo

This Just Jelly Body Combo is exactly what he needs to kick his hair-care routine up a notch. 

This bundle includes the 3-in-1 Gin & Tonic Body Wash - made from authentic, locally sourced Gin to provide a stunning, iconic fragrance. This multi-purpose shampoo will leave his hair feeling clean, soft, and healthy in one handy hit. 

Then there’s the Just Jelly Gel Pomade, perfect for styling and locking his hair-do into place. As the pomade instantly dissolves into his hair, this premium formula will leave behind a stunning lustre and delectable scent. 

Essentials Beard Care Kit 

essentials beard care kit

For the fellas that need an extra hand tidying up their beard, pick up this Essentials Beard Care Kit. It’s got all the basic necessities to keep his beard feeling soft and looking great.

First up, there’s the 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner - designed to cleanse and soften his whiskers. Once his beard is feeling fresh, he can use the King Of Wood Beard Oil and mini-styler pocket comb to moisturise, condition, and lightly style.  

The pack comes with a stylish Dopp bag to keep all his beard essentials in one convenient place. 

Advanced Beard Care Kit 

advanced beard care kit

The Advanced Beard Care Kit is a step-up from the Essential Beard Care Kit, containing a range of extra products to take his beard-care routine to a new level.

This pack includes plenty of beard necessities, including a 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, King Of Wood Beard Oil, styling pocket comb, boar-bristle military beard brush, Beard Candy Beard Balm, and a set of beard scissors - all of which are carefully packed into a stylish Dopp kit. 

Ultimate Beard Care Kit 

ultimate beard care kit

If the Essentials or Advanced Beard Care Kit isn’t enough, you’ll need to get your hands on the Ultimate Beard Care Kit - a must-have kit for any follically gifted gentleman in your life. 

This pack has a massive list of goodies to keep his whiskers looking and feeling their best for a very long time. This includes a 2-in-1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, 3 bottles of beard oil (each with a distinct fragrance), a Beard Candy Beard Balm, a huge tube of moustache wax, a military boar-bristle beard brush, moustache scissors, a handy pocket comb, and shaving oil.

All these products are packed into a stylish canvas Dopp bag, with a colour of your choice. 

With these 10 last-minute father’s day gifts by your side, picking up a thoughtful present for those hard-to-buy-for men in your life becomes even easier. 

Happy Father’s Day! 


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