6 Common Hair Mistakes Every Man Should Know

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Fellas, it’s time to fix your daily hair-care routine by ditching these common hair mistakes.

Whether you’re over-washing, using too much product, or being too rough with your hair - these hair care mistakes are damaging your hair in more ways than one. Let’s give these bad habits the boot, shall we? 

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your hair-care routine? Below we’ve listed the 6 common hair mistakes every man should avoid - check it out!

Over Washing The Hair

Over-washing is one of the most common hair mistakes a guy could commit. 

When we over-wash our hair, we strip it of the natural oils that it needs to thrive - causing the hair to become dry and brittle. Over time, this can make the hair greasier, as the scalp overcompensates by producing more oil. 

To keep your hair looking and feeling it's very best, remember to go easy on the shampoo and conditioner. 

Under Washing The Hair

Under-washing is another major hair-care issue that guys will often face. 

Not washing your hair enough can lead to a whole new set of issues. Without a regular cleanse, sweat and dirt will build-up - causing the hair to thicken and smell over time. 

So, how often should you wash your hair? For the best results, aim to wash your hair every 2 or 3 days. This will get rid of any build-up in your hair without completely stripping away the natural oils. 

Washing With Hot Water 

Those hot showers in the cool Winter months can be so satisfying - though they’re not doing any favours to your hair.

Showering with excessively hot water can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving behind a dry and brittle scalp. It can even lead to conditions like dandruff. 

Instead, try switching to a luke-warm temperature - you can still enjoy all the benefits of a hot shower, minus the negative effects on your hair. 

Not Pat-Drying 

man shouting with towel not pat drying his hair

Have you ever used a towel to frantically rub your hair dry? It may be a great way to quickly dry your hair, but it might be a habit worth quitting. 

When your hair is wet, it tends to be much weaker and prone to breakages. So, when we wildly rub our hair dry with a towel, it can lead to hair damage.

Instead, grab your towel and pat-dry your hair to reduce any breakages. 

Using Too Much Pomade 

Pomade is a great hair-styling product that guys will often turn to. It provides a firm enough hold to lock your hair-do into place but is flexible enough for you to make adjustments. Plus, the high-shine finish can make your hairstyle stand out. 

Though too much of a good thing can be a bad thing - and hair pomade is no exception. 

Using too much product can weigh down your hair and leave behind an oily or slimy look. Not to mention, applying big clumps of pomade is a waste of product and money.

Less is more when it comes to using pomade. You’ll have much better results if you’re using a dime-sized amount.

Choosing The Wrong Hairstyle 

Have you ever noticed that some hairstyles suit certain guys more than others? That’s because they’ve chosen a hairstyle that suits their specific face shape. 

Taking the time to know your face shape is one of the easiest ways you can immediately elevate your look. Whether you have an oval, rectangle, triangle, round, or heart face type - you can pick a hairstyle that’s much more flattering to your facial structure. 

That being said, don’t let your face shape limit you - if you’d prefer to rock a particular style, go for it! Your hair, your rules. 

Essential Hair-Care Products For Men 

Avoiding these common hair mistakes is only half the battle. To improve the look and feel of your hair, you’re also going to need a set of nourishing hair-care products for washing and styling. 

Below, we’ve listed our favourite products to add into your hair-care routine - take a look!

3-In-1 Gin & Tonic Body Wash 

Gin & Tonic 3 in 1 Body Wash

First up, we have this 3-In-1 Gin & Tonic Body Wash - perfect for cleansing your body and hair in one easy hit. 

This wash will get rid of any dirt, sweat, or build-up while pulling moisture into the hair follicles - leaving your hair clean, soft, and looking great. 

If that’s not enough to convince you, the stunning fragrance will. As the name suggests, this wash is made from real Gin extract to provide your hair with a subtle, delectable aroma all day long.  

Just Jelly Gel Pomade 

Just Jelly Gel Pomade

This Just Jelly Gel Pomade does so much more than keep your hairstyle in place. Containing a powerhouse of nourishing ingredients, such as collagen aminos and Kakadu plum extract, this pomade will nourish your hair to make it feel stronger and healthier over time. 

You’ll love how this pomade dissolves in your hair instantly, making it very easy to shape and style - leaving behind a firm hold and high shine finish. 

Head to the online store to browse our hair-care range.


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