What Does Moustache Wax Do?

What Does Moustache Wax Do?

So, what does moustache wax do exactly? Don’t worry - whether you’re new to the beard-game or have the facial hair to impress a Viking, every bloke has asked themselves this question.

With the variety of beard balms and beard oils on the market, it’s easy for mo’ waxes to get lost amongst the noise - which can be a shame. After all, with the many benefits that waxes can add to a beard-grooming routine, these products deserve love and attention.

What does moustache wax do? Below, we’ve detailed what mo’ wax is, the benefits of adding this product to your beard-care routine, and how to properly apply it. Check it out! 

What Is Moustache Wax?

Let’s kick things off by covering the basics - what is moustache wax? 

Moustache wax is a popular men’s grooming product used to tame any fly-away moustache hairs and keep them in-place for a tidier appearance. The product took its stride throughout the 1800s, as ‘stache twirling became a favoured trend for blokes. 

These days, moustache wax is a trending beard product among guys. It still serves the same purpose as it always has, though now with updated ingredients that nourish and protect your whiskers from your day-to-day grind. 

What Does Moustache Wax Do?

At first glance, mo’ wax is seen as a shaping and styling tool for our whiskers - though the benefits don’t start and stop there. Moustache waxes have evolved over the years to serve many functions, whether it’s to clean-up our look or to moisturise our facial hair. 

Below, we’ve highlighted exactly what moustache wax can do for us - take a look!

barber styling mans moustache

Shape & Style 

At its core, moustache wax is a styling product for our ‘stache. They typically contain ingredients like beeswax or coconut oil to tame any flyaway hairs and maintain the shape of our whiskers. 

Especially if you’re wearing a longer moustache style and you’d like to create an ambitious shape, moustache wax is essential. For example, with styles like the beloved ‘handlebar’, you’ll need a strong wax to keep the facial hair out of your mouth and the ends of your ‘tache twisted. 


Did you know ‘stache wax can also help to moisturise your skin and facial hair? These products are often great for hydrating your whiskers and the often-neglected skin beneath

This leaves you with a healthy-looking mo’ with a much softer touch. Plus, it will also fight off any itchiness or flaking that often comes with dry skin - it’s a win-win. 

A Neater Look 

If you’re rocking your ‘stache in a professional setting, you’ll need to make sure it’s not looking messy or untamed. This is where wax comes in handy. 

Particularly if you’re wearing a longer mo’, it pays to have a moustache wax nearby - otherwise, you may fall victim to a reluctant shave. With a moustache wax, you can shape and style your whiskers into a neat, uniform style to suit your workplace


Not only do these waxes keep our whiskers looking and feeling good - but they also smell terrific. The waxes are often scented with oils that provide subtle, yet satisfying aromas that you’ll be sure to enjoy as you go about your business. 

All you need to do is choose a scent you like - then, look forward to sniffing these delicious aromas all day long. 

How To Use Moustache Wax

Are you eager to get started with moustache wax? Applying it to your upper lip couldn’t be easier - here’s a step-by-step guide to ease you through it.

man twizzles moustache 

Clean Your Mo’

Just like with most beard products, there’s a perfect time-of-day to apply them - and for moustache wax, it’s after showering. 

This is when your facial hair will be the cleanest and softest, so it’ll be much easier to work a stiff wax through. Plus, at this time, you’ll have the privacy and freedom to try out new styles and find your preferred mo’ shape. 

Less Is More 

Now that your ‘stache is washed and ready for styling, it’s time to reach for your wax. Start by unscrewing the cap and using the back of your thumb to scrape out a very small amount - about the size of a rice grain. 

When it comes to using moustache wax, remember the golden rule - less is more. Don’t go overboard with this product. 

Warm It Up

Before you start working the wax through your moustache, you’ll need to warm it up. Don’t worry, this is as simple as putting the wax between your thumb and forefinger, and rubbing them together swiftly. 

This will melt and smoothen the wax, making it much easier to apply. Continue this motion until all the clumps have been removed from the blend. 

Apply To Your ‘Stache

With your forefinger and thumb, you can now start to apply the wax through your ‘stache - working from the middle and to the extremities. Pinch the hairs between your fingers and use a down-and-out motion to spread the blend. 

To make sure the wax is evenly distributed, and to make the styling process much easier, consider investing in a moustache comb. 

If you’re chasing a moustache comb, take a look at this handy-dandy Mini Styler Pocket Comb. This little weapon is the perfect size for styling your ‘stache. Plus, it’s great for making any adjustments or cleaning-out your mo’ while you’re out and about - especially since it slides seamlessly into your pocket. 

moustache comb

Style & Shape

After the wax has been worked through, you can begin to style and shape your moustache to your choosing. 

The particular style you end up with will depend on the length of your ‘stache. Though, if you’re struggling to find a suitable shape, be sure to check out our recent post: ‘7 Popular Moustache Styles For 2021’. With a range of classic shapes like the Handlebar or Chevron, there’s a style to suit everyone!

Mo-Stick By Milkman 

With all these benefits up for grabs, who wouldn’t want to get started with a moustache wax?

If you’re on the hunt for a deluxe moustache wax to try for yourself, consider checking out the Mo-Stick by Milkman Grooming. Unlike many other products on the market, this wax is swiftly applied directly to your ‘stache - no mess, no fuss. Just pop the cap, twist-out a small amount of wax, and start styling. And since it’s packed into a handy 15ml tube, this moustache wax is great for on-the-go adjustments. 

The absolute best part about the Mo-Stick is that it seriously lasts for ages. Spend less time stocking-up on wax while you get more bang for your buck - that’s not a bad combo. 

In Summary 

So, what does moustache wax do exactly? At its very core, this product is a styling and shaping tool for our whiskers - though it doesn’t stop there. Moustache waxes can also moisturise and fragrance our facial hair, while also giving it a much neater appearance. 

With all these benefits of moustache wax up for grabs, adding this product into your beard-grooming routine is a no-brainer! 


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