How to Shave Faster in 8 Easy Steps

man shaving with Milkman Mach III compatible razor

Learning how to shave faster is an essential skill for blokes hoping to streamline their morning routine. That being said, shaving your face quickly without inflaming your skin can be a bit of a balancing act. Though with the right tricks and tips up your sleeve, you can get through the process in one piece. 

Are you looking for ways to cut your shaving time in half? Learn how to shave faster with these 8 easy steps  . They’re easy enough for any guy to follow! 

Prepare The Night Before 

So, this first tip is designed for guys who want to streamline their shaving time - not exactly for the blokes doing the mad dash to get out the door. 

To cut-down your shaving time, it pays to be prepared. Layout all your essential shaving gear on the bathroom counter, so it’s ready to go when you are. This includes your razor, shaving gel, aftershave, and anything else you might need. 

For cleaner results, make sure your blades are clean and sharp - or if they’re looking a little worse for wear, remember to replace them. 

Post-Shower Shave

Now, for those blokes running late for work - learning how to shave faster starts with a warm shower. 

The warm water will soften your beard hairs, making them much easier to plow through. Plus, this will also open up the pores and relax the skin - helping you to get the most from your shaving gel in a hurry. 

Use A Shaving Gel 

Since time is of the essence here, it may be worth using a shaving lubricant that’ll put time on your side - such as a shaving gel. 

Unlike cream or foam, shaving gel is transparent - meaning that it’ll be easier to move your razor swiftly and precisely. Not to mention, you’ll take a lot of guess-work out of navigating the razor, since you can see exactly where you’re shaving. 

This soap-free Clear Shaving Gel is great to have for a time-sensitive shave. It’s quick to apply and washes off the razor with ease. Plus, it’s really easy to clean up - one swipe of the towel and you’re good to go.

clear shave gel with cut throat razor

Take Care Of Blunt Blades

Toughing it out and shaving with a blunt razor may get you out the door faster - but it’ll leave you questioning whether or not you were better off unshaven. 

Shaving with blunt razors can leave you with an uneven shave and raw-looking skin. If you have a spare minute, it’s well worth taking the time to replace the blades in your razor. Otherwise, if you truly don’t have the time, it might not be worth shaving at all. 

Use A Cartridge Razor

Using a safety razor can do wonders for your shaving routine. It can provide a closer shave and reduce skin irritation. Though since these tools demand your full attention and a steady hand, they’re not a good choice if you’re in a hurry. 

Instead, try using a cartridge razor for those last-minute shaves. They’re quick and convenient enough to get the job done. 

If you’re on the hunt for a deluxe shaving tool, take a look at this sleek Mach 3 Compatible Cartridge Razor. With a stainless-steel head and a cigar-shaped beechwood handle, this razor makes a great addition to any grooming kit. 

Single, Long Strokes 

When you’re shaving in a rush, mastering the technique is everything - especially if you want to limit nicks, cuts, and skin irritation. 

After whacking on your shaving gel, grab your razor and use long strokes down your face to plow through your stubble. After each stroke, rinse your blade under the water to keep it nice and clean. 

On top of this, you should also be shaving in the same direction as your stubble grows. To limit your chances of a nasty razor burn, you shouldn’t go against the grain. 

Tidy Up

It’s easy to miss a spot when you’re frantically running the razor over your face. Though before you drop the razor and run out the door, take a second to quickly glance at your work. 

A quick check for any lingering patches of hair will only take a second, yet it’ll make you look so much more presentable. 

Specifically check the lower neck, under your jawline, and the corners of your mouth - these are the spots we tend to miss. 

Multi-Purpose Aftershave 

For reducing any redness or soothing the skin after a shave, it’s important to have a post-shave routine in place. Though between our moisturisers, aftershaves, and antiseptic creams - our post-shave routine can take-up a large chunk of our time. 

Instead, it’s worth investing in one post-shave product that can rehydrate, soothe, and treat the skin. For example, you can’t go wrong with these After Shave Serums by Milkman. They moisturise, tone, and fragrance the skin, while also helping to heal any nicks or cuts. Plus, unlike many other aftershaves, these serums don’t sting when applied. 

They won’t only get you out the door quicker, but these serums will also nourish your skin and keep you looking your very best. 

after shave serum

In Summary 

Learning how to shave faster is a must-know skill for blokes with a busy morning routine. Though with the right habits, you can come out the other side looking sharp, evenly shaved, and with little to no skin irritation. 

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