Patchy Beard Styles

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If you’ve read our tips for patchy beards article, then you may have found out that growing a fuller beard takes time. Even after waiting for months for your beard to fill in, you might find that there are still patchy disconnected sections of your beard.

For a lot of men there comes to a point where you’re sick of the waiting game, leaving you with the result of dissatisfaction. A lot of the times this dissatisfaction stems from not only the fact that your beard patchy, but also looks scruffy and unkempt. However, you’ve realised what you have looks scruffy and unkempt. But wait, there is an answer. Contrary to popular belief, there are ways you can style a patchy beard. In the previous article, we did touch on the ways to do this, but this article is an extension of that, giving you some specific examples of ways to enhance your strong features. This is often met with a dismissive notion that you were never meant to have a beard. Now you are in two minds;

1) shave it off or

2) learn how to style it properly.

Contrary to popular belief, there are ways you can style a patchy beard. In the previous article, we did touch on ways to do this, but this article will delve a little deeper, giving you some specific examples of ways to enhance your manly features.

Styling a patchy beard properly

Clipped Patches

    If your cheeks don’t grow too patchy, keep your beard to a number 1 or 2 with the trimmer. You can still see some patches, but because the beard has been trimmed, it looks uniform all the way around. It is still important to shave the beard lines such as the high cheek and lower neck to maintain a bit of neatness whilst still looking rugged and masculine.

    This style is suited for those who don’t take their beard too seriously. This look gives the wearer a scruffy laid back look. If your work environment deems this look as being unacceptable a good way to balance out the scruffy short beard look is to have a very neat and well-structured hair cut. This will give you others the impression that you take your grooming seriously and that your beard was a conscious decision and not grown out of laziness.

    Bristly and Sparing

      To me, this is a perfect example of how a patchy beard can still look really good. The bristly patchy beard is one of the more common styles out there and if maintained well, it can provide the foundations of a full beard. By cleaning up the cheek and neck lines, and trimming the hairs to a uniform length, you are adding structure and symmetry to your facial hair. By maintaining this over a long period of time, you are able to rock some attractive facial hair while patiently waiting for a complete beard to grow – which could take a whole year. 

      Barber cleaning up patchy beard lines

      Cheekbone Highlight

        Some of you may find that your cheek hairs grow relatively high but start to come down from a shallow angle and do not join up with your moustache. To make the most out of this, shape the beard in accordance to its natural growth and clean up the edges. By doing so you will accentuate your cheekbones, giving a very masculine appearance. This style is a good way to show off your unique character and give more structure to your face. 

        Patchy Goatee

          If your mo and chin beard are coming in strong, let them grow out. At the same time, keep these parts uniform, trimmed and styled to make the hair look dense. Let the hairs around the jaw grow out slightly but keep them constantly clipped and at a subtle length. This will contour your jaw, giving your face a chiselled appearance. The hair around the jaw will also provide a vector that draws people’s eyes to your goatee instead to the rest of your face. Be sure to shave off any other random patches that don’t fall into these areas of wanted growth.


            This style is best suited for men who have soft facial features. A scruffy and patchy beard can contrast your delicate features and give your face a unique edge. All you have to do is let the beard grow out. Although this style requires little maintenance, the difference between having a scruffy beard that looks good and just looking completely neglected are the small upkeep habits. Keep the beard and skin clean and occasionally use some beard scissors to cut off long, sprouting hairs that have a mind of their own.

            Thick Chin Strap

              This is for those of you who are able to grow a strong beard around the jawline and moustache, but suffer to grow hair high on the cheeks or on the lower neck. To achieve this look, shave the high parts of your cheek and also your neck, leaving the beard to grow along the jawline. Again, this will accentuate your jaw. This style must be kept to a short length to minimize the appearance of patches.

              Soft and light

                If your beard grows sparingly and is naturally soft, keep the moustache, jaw and neck tidy. It is also best to keep the hair shortly trimmed. In doing so, the beard will look smart and structured.


                  If you are confident enough, let your beard just keep growing, allowing the stronger parts of your beard to cover up the patches. Use a beard brush to comb the beard at optimal angles in order to cover up these patches as well. Using beard balm will also add some hold to the hair and maintain the concealment. With time, the patches will become less noticeable.

                  With any luck, now you should have gained some good ideas on how to style your beard. The main take-away point is play to your strengths. Also, the patchier your beard, the shorter you should keep the hair. This will ensure a clean yet rugged look. When styled correctly, patchy beards are a very distinctive feature for many men.




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