The Ideal Morning Routine for Men with Beards

man using beard oil in the bathroom in the morning

How you start your mornings, sets the tone for the rest of the day. Everyone's morning rituals are different. For some, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for others a coffee and maybe a cigarette is the only way to get the cogs to start turning. People who are more time efficient might wake up an early and go to the gym or for a run. For others, hitting the snooze button 12 times is more of a priority. When it comes to physical appearance, morning grooming can fluctuate between absolutely nothing to an intense grooming regiment.

Some routines are objectively better than others. Eating a notorious breakfast will give you the fuel to start your day and increase mental and physical alertness. Doing exercise will give you energy and assist in waking your body up and kick it into action. A good grooming schedule will make you feel fresh and give you the confidence to take on your day. 

Personally, I know the benefits of both eating a healthy breakfast and exercising before work can bring. But I also know that exercise can be undertaken in the evening and that I can grab something quick bite either in the car or at the cafe across from work. The one thing that cannot be done after work is getting yourself looking sharp, fresh and looking your best before the day. 

So to all the beadsman out there this is the  ideal morning routine for men with beards.

Step 1: Shower

Even if you shower at night, I believe a shower in the morning is the best way to fully transition out of the dream state and into reality. My boss swears by having icy showers as it does something at a molecular level that wakes you up and gives your body a boost of energy. I am a weaker individual and stick to conventional warm showers, (unless its a 40 degree Sydney day). 

Step 2: Beard wash

Once you're in there you might as well wash something! I know a lot of dudes wash their hair quite infrequently. But I feel that every time you enter the shower you should be washing your body (whole body, not just your pits, sack and crack) and your face. Your face is what people are going to see and your body is what people are going to smell so you might as well make them look and smell respectable. Washing your beard is not only about cleaning it and fragrancing it, but it also assists in the styling and shaping process. After liberally applying your beard wash be sure to use a comb and begin the detangling process. Combing your beard now will assist in lengthening out the hair follicles giving your beard a longer, straighter appearance. Combing also helps exfoliate the skin under your hairs and helps remove loose hairs. While washing daily is ok, you can get away with washing it 2-3 times a week. 

Step 3: Beard Scaping

Bigger does not necessarily mean better. Cleaning up your cheeks and the neckline is an important step in making your beard appear thicker . If you are going to use a razor to clean up your face then make sure you are using a clear shave gel. An added bonus is that you don’t need to rinse your face after you shave it, you can just wipe away excess product with a clean towel. The mornings are already rushed as it is so greater visibility means less time in the bathroom. 

Step 4: Beard Trimming

The best way to keep your ideal beard shape is with regular trimming. This process may only involve cutting or removing a few hairs at a time, but doing small snipes here and there is a lot easier than doing a monthly prune and it is a lot harder to restore shape.

Step 5: Nourishing

Using beard oils and balms is essential for optimum beard health. Some guys will only use beard oils or balms when their beard is feeling itchy. If your beard is getting to the itchy stage then your hair is brittle and your skin is dry. Don’t treat your beard oils as a solution to a problem but as part of a daily process which will ensure your beard and skin are never irritated and are looking sharp. 

Step 6: Combing & Brushing

So you are clean, oiled and ready for styling. This step is important as it will give you beard shape, body and hopefully a style that will last all day. Running a comb through your beard is a great way to ensure you haven’t got any more tangles left in your beard and also getting your boys back in line post-oil. A boar hair bristle brush will cement this process and make sure that your hair is trained in an ideal direction as well as assist in exfoliating the skin. 

While 6 steps may seem like a lot, this whole process should take 10-15 minutes max, if you are smart about your time, and use products that are efficient and easy to use. 

Now you are ready to step out into the world looking like a boss. You can grab a quick bite to eat, have a coffee and get ready to take on your day feeling confident. 



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  • Adam on

    Cracking article! I love the use of a safety razor to keep those beard lines clear, this is the exact morning routine I use daily to ensure that my beard looks top notch daily.

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