How to Rescue Your Shaving Mistakes

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No matter how many times we shave, even the everyday beard groomer can make a mistake, slip the blade and ruin the entire facial styling. Shaving is an art form, but knowing how to recover from your shaving nightmare is equally important. We enlisted the help of the country’s top barbers to bring you the shaving survival guide, sharing with you how to fix every grooming disaster easily and quickly.

When the shaving gets tough, stop

When you’re in the middle of a shaving crisis, it’s best to stop and take a break, opting for another step of your grooming routine instead. Often the skin can become inflamed and aggravated as shaving persists, and continuing can make the irritated area worse. As your frustration for the situation builds, you may find yourself making rushed, unconsidered decisions, which can lead to aggressive shaving or hasty changes.

Give yourself an extended break

Though stopping shaving in the immediate is essential to avoid mistakes, giving yourself a couple of days away from the razor will be just as beneficial. As you may have cut or nicked the skin in your haste, you’ll need time for the area to heal and recover. Also, with a couple of days growth, you will see the map of your hair growth patterns a lot better, which will give you options to clean up the look or start from scratch with a new facial style.

Practise without deadlines

Even the most experienced shaver needs to practise, especially when attempting a new technique or executing a different style to usual. Set aside time when you don’t need to be at an event, or work, where you can freely exercise your styling, calmly and slowly. Often time pressure leads to mistakes, so removing this factor should help you master your shaving and grooming quickly.

One of the first things you can drop when time poor is the shave lubricant. "I'll just dry shave today" you think. "That'll save time". It probably will. It might save you a little bit of money too. But just because you can do it, does that mean you should? You see, there's only one problem. Without a good lubricant (like a shave gel or shave oil), the razor rubs directly across your skin. The skin might look smooth, but it actually isn't. It's bumpy. By stroking the razor across this bumpy terrain you're basically guaranteeing at least one decent nick, and a whole lot of irritation and razor burn. Taking the extra few seconds to apply a lube, will save you minutes to hours messing with blood soaked tissues & burning skin.

Change your equipment

Mistakes can often happen because of blunt blades or broken handles. While it can be tempting to save the money and persist with the defective equipment, you may find your mistakes keep happening, and usually at the most inconvenient times. The wrong equipment for you may hinder your styling abilities; you may not have the best handle or blade type for your face, and swapping for something more suitable will help master your skills.

This holds especially true for your razor blades. Depending on how thick your beard grows, and how dry & cleanly you store it, most blades will only last a few shaves. Trying to eek out that one shave might save you a few cents, but when you've got a burning rash & massive blood loss after using a dull blade, you've gotta wonder if it's worth it. 

Start with small changes

As you introduce new shaving styles, start slowly by executing the technique to just one area of your face. As you master the method, and your confidence grows, add more to your grooming. This slow process should limit significant disasters and help you fix mistakes quicker on the spot.

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