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  • 7 Popular Moustache Styles for 2021

    Over the years, some popular moustache styles have stood the test of time while others are making a sudden and surprising comeback.  If you’re hopi...
  • Do Masks Hurt My Beard Growth?

    Mask wearing in metro Melbourne (where we're currently located) has been mandatory in public since the middle of July 2020.  Similar mandates have ...
  • Essential Beard Products you Need to Know About

    Roughly 55% of men worldwide are sporting beards, but do you know how to take care of them? It's time to learn your beard oils from your balms with...
  • How to use a Straight Edge (aka Cut Throat) Razor (the Ultimate Guide)

    Brother, if you are curious about trying a straight-edge razor, then here’s the goods.  Are you sick of wasting your hard-earned dough on cartrid...
  • Top Winter Skin and Facial Hair Care Tips

    Temperature, humidity, sun and wind exposure can all have an impact on your hair and skin. To counter this, your daily routine may change from seas...
  • Beard Terminology – the full list

    bearded man reading information
    Since beards have come back in the early 2010’s the beard terminology has exploded. If you find yourself speaking with bearded aficionado you may hear one of following beard terms and wonder what it means. To help you out, we've compiled a one-stop beard terminology shop with all the vernacular you're likely to see in the world of facial hair.   
  • 10 Tips on Managing Your Lockdown Beard

    Milkman model shaving in beard line

     So, you have made the decision to grow a lock down beard.  Some call it the corona beard or the ISO beard.  Whatever tickles your fancy!  Your boss is not going to be hovering over your shoulder and you don’t have to wear that suit to the desk in your spare room.  It’s really the perfect time to grow out your beard.

  • How to Rescue Your Shaving Mistakes

    fixing your shaving mistakes
    No matter how many times we shave, even the everyday beard groomer can make a mistake, slip the blade and ruin the entire facial styling. Shaving is an art form, but knowing how to recover from your shaving nightmare is equally...
  • The handlebar moustache: your ultimate guide to growing, styling and caring for your mo

    Handle Bar Moustache

    We’ve put together your ultimate guide to handlebar moustaches. Find out how to grow, style, care for and live your best life with a glorious handlebar. 

  • How to Take Care of your Shaving Equipment

    all metal double edge safety razor

     Every barber will attest that you need two things for the perfect shave (1) basic shaving education and (2) the ideal shaving system suited to your skin type and contours. Investing in the...

  • How to Maintain Your Beard When Travelling

    bearded man grooming beard with travel products

    When you are travelling you enjoy the luxury of fluffy fresh towels, meals brought to your door and someone else making the bed every day. However, there are also those things that you can’t get just right when you’re away from home, whether that’s adjusting the temperature in your room or finding your favourite brand of water.

  • Hey hey, it’s Pseudofolliculitis barbae

    man with thick curly hair shaving
    Did you know that some folks have a hell of a time with in-grown hairs? For them, it’s not an occasional thing, it can be quite severe, with a condition called “pseudofolliculitis barbae” (PFB). PFB is characterised by...