Everything You Wish You Knew Before Growing Your Beard

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When you see someone with a perfectly groomed, full-looking beard, and you marvel at how healthy and stylish the hair looks, we can guarantee you their effortless style is no accident. While his beard styling and full volume may look natural, and the skin and follicles look clear and hydrated, let us assure you it took some work! Growing, maintaining and styling a beard isn’t as easy as letting your hair grow, a mistake most novice beard growers make. 

Before you begin your beard growing journey, let us share with you everything you should know before growing a beard, from practical mistakes, like buying the wrong products, to wrong assumptions about how a beard actually grows!  

man growing stubble

No two beards grow the same

Comparing your facial hair to everyone else will set you up for disappointment. Everyone has different facial hair; some people can grow their beard quickly, while others will struggle to produce a three-day growth in a week. Some have a dense beard like the amazon. Others have a beard that's mostly barren, like the desert. When you begin your beard journey, avoid comparing the length of your beard, the thickness, and consistency with anyone else, and focus on what you can achieve instead. 

Hair grows differently as you age 

While you may not compare your beard to other people, it’s easy to compare your facial hair to when you were younger, when it seemed your beard could grow in a heartbeat. The rate of growth, the thickness of the hair, and the colour all change over time, so each beard-growing experience is guaranteed to be different as you age. 

Beards take work

The perfectly sculpted beard takes hours of loving maintenance; while you may think you simply grow the hair, set and forget, beards take time to carefully trim the edges, shave the sides, brush, wash, and apply products to strengthen the hair. If time isn’t your friend, and you aren’t a fan of hair and skincare, a well-groomed, stylish beard isn’t on your horizon. 

Patience is a beard grower’s virtue 

The longer you want your beard, the more time you need for this to happen. This may sound like we are stating the obvious, however, underestimating the time in which it takes to grow a beard is a novice pitfall. An average length of growth is roughly ½ an inch per month, but, as we mentioned before, this can vary a lot from person to person. 

Find what works for you

Beard oils, combs, facial moisturisers, and beard trimmers are essentials to the styling process, and no sophisticated beard is without them. However, it is imperative you spend the time finding what works best for your hair and skin type, as you can find yourself wasting hours and time using products that aggravate your follicles, decreasing the speed of growth, or work against your type of hair.

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