How to get ready quickly for a busy day at work

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It happens to the best of us, on the day of your big presentation, meeting or interview, you've woken up late with little time to get ready. Should you find yourself in this situation, don't worry, we have 4 easy tips to share with you to help you look your best in no time at all.

1. No time to shave? No problem!

If your beard is looking a bit unruly or your stubble is more prominent than usual but you don't have time to trim or shave your facial hair, beard oil is the answer. A few drops of beard oil can be rubbed into your beard in a matter of minutes, instantly giving your facial hair a well-groomed and effortless look. A good beard oil will absorb really well into the facial hair & skin, softening it and making it less scratchy. Plus, as beard oil often has a delicious scent you can skip applying aftershave, saving you more time.

2. It's time to multitask

To avoid sitting in an important meeting feeling self-conscious about your overly plucked eyebrows, never attempt to shape or shave your eyebrows in a hurry. Instead, tame your eyebrows with a balm and gently smooth down any awkward or overly long hairs. If needed, this step can be completed quickly after applying the balm to your hair or beard.

3. Skip the shine

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, ensure you use styling products to eliminate adding any additional shine to your hair. Hair that is overdue for a wash will have a natural sheen and adding shiny or wet-look products to your hair will only make it look oilier, so stick to matte when in a rush. The perfect solution for this is a styling powder, rather than a pomade, wax or gel. The powder will combine with the oils in your hair to give it a natural, matte-looking style. 

4. If in doubt, just brush it out

Should you find yourself really against the clock, simply grab a compact brush and quickly brush your beard and hair before you enter your workplace. While this might not be your most polished look, a brushed beard looks instantly smarter than an unruly one. It's one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to look well-groomed in short order.

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