A Scientist walks into a Barber Shop…

Rex silver with Spiced Vanille beard balm

Rex with Milkman's Beard Balm

Rex Silver from The Garage Barber Shops in Queensland

One thing I love about my job is meeting barber shop owners. I see all kinds from those who just want to keep things simple with one or two chairs, whilst others are busy setting up chains of shops across Australia. With regard to retail, it’s just as varied.

Some shops barely have any products for sale whilst others massively increase turnover by understanding how to solve their clients’ problems with quality grooming gear.  When it comes to the latter, barber shop owner Rex Silver is one of the best. His Garage Barber Shops in Queensland have been responsible for putting Milkman beard & shave products into the hands of countless customers.

Recently I got the chance to sit down with Rex so I asked him how he prescribes Milkman to his guests in the hope it will help other barbers interested in making retail great again. Here’s what he said.

“Being a complete and comprehensive system Ben, I find it very easy to do just that, prescribe elements of the range, and quite often the complete range in shaving and beard solutions to my guests.”

“This happens naturally during the service if you take the time to describe to your guest what you’re using and why, at each stage of the process.”

“For instance, and this is one of my favourite services to do is a complete beard sculpt and line up. I’ll just explain my technique and what works for me. Typically, it’s a process of inspecting the guest, assessing any problems they might have, and consulting with them about solutions.”

“Initially I’ll determine beard and skin types and identify any special areas of concern that need to be addressed like dry skin conditions, patchy areas, dry and brittle beard ends etc. Problems like these are solved easily with Milkman’s range of balms, oils & serums.”

“One big advantage of working with a hi-tech system such as Milkman’s is that there is a product in the range for each step of the service.”

“I’ll do a line-up using Milkman’s Shave Oil and soap-free Clear Shave Gel, letting my guest enjoy the refreshing woodsy & mint aromas in these products as they waft up. In these moments it can pay to be quiet and let the products do the talking.

Rex Silver with Milkman Clear Shave Gel

Rex with Milkman's Clear Shave Gel

“While he is reclined and I have hot-towelled the residue off, I’ll have him choose one of Milkman’s 4 seasonal after shave serum scents to soothe the skin. Then I’ll dress out the creation. I’ll usually start with beard oil to nourish the hair and further condition and moisturize the skin underneath.”

“Then I’ll shape and control the beard with your all-natural Beard Balm (Spiced Vanilla is my fav), and Mo Stick Moustache Wax! When it’s finished, I’ll show off the creation with a back mirror from all angles and ask, ‘how does it feel, not how does it look?”

“I’m amazed at how many of my guests want to take home the complete system.”

Thank you Rex for that awesome insight. If you want to know more about using our systems, why not browse our BLOG ARCHIVE or see related articles below.

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