7 Ways to Stop Beard Itch!

man with itchy beard

Beard itch is one of the worst things a beardsman has to endure. It causes men to scratch constantly to the point that you want to not only shave but rip your beard hair out. But what if you didn’t have to suffer? What if there were steps that could cure or prevent beard itch? Well we can give you seven! 

Combing the Beard

    Always leave a comb in the shower! Tangles, dead skin, loose hairs and built up gunk, are among the leading causes of beard itch. It’s better to comb them away and let them wash down the drain than leaving them on your face causing irritation. A good tip is to always leave a comb in the shower as combing with a wet beard is easier than combing a dry one, plus fewer beard hairs are left in your bathroom basin.

    Brushing for Beard & Skin

      Get yourself a firm bristled boar hair brush, it exfoliates the skin making it softer and less itchy. Using a beard brush has the added bonus of styling your hair making it appear longer, straighter and neater, so even if you don't have beard itch it is an amazing beard companion to have. Most people think beard brushes are only reserved for people with big beards. This is untrue. For those with itchy stubble, using a beard brush will dull the sharp points, making them less spiky and less itchy. 

      Use beard oils

        Beard oils target dry skin and hair. The more hydrated your beard hair and skin are the less chance of you scratching it. Beard oils should not only be used a cure for beard itch. Daily use is recommended for keeping your beard hair softer, cleaner and more hydrated. We advise the use of oils as a preventative treatment to itch rather than the cure.

        Use beard washes

        Beard specific washes are not a gimmick. They are formulated to be gentler on your face so they don’t dry out your hair and skin like regular head shampoos. Regular shampoos generally have levels of soap that are designed to strip oil away as they wash.  This is because the skin on your scalp is relatively oily, with built up gunk and dead skin cells. As your face produces less oil, beard washes have lower soap levels thereby allowing healthy amounts of natural moisture to accumulate in the skin and hair. 

        Colder showers

          Hot water can cause skin dryness which leads to beard itch. Try and have shorter showers using cooler water, especially if you have sensitive skin. You’ll save money on your water bill and be less itchy at the same time. If you are a person that needs the water to be hotter than the fires of hell and you won't budge on the water temp, then reduce shower time and reduce the time your face and beard are in direct contact with the stream.

          Sun exposure

          Being out in the sun for too long causes your skin and hair to dry out. If your out in the sun all day and you get burnt you'll logically apply a moisturizer or aloe vera lotion. The same thing needs to be done to your beard, as dry brittle hair can be caused by excessive heat. Applying beard oil before and after a day at the beach will keep you beard looking healthy and itch free.


          There is nothing more annoying than a complainer. Are you are a beardsman who gets beard itch and complains about it but has NOT done anything to try and fix or prevent the problem? If you have done all 6 of these things and still get beard itch, you have two options. One ignore it and beard on, or shave it off and stop complaining about it! We love beards and sympathize with the men in the world who are beard-challenged. Complaining about your big beard being itchy is a slap in the face to our beardless brothers who would kill for a beard. 

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