Summer Beard Care

man with a summer beard

Summer is pretty much here and it’s probably the most important time of year to take care of your beard. With the heat, sweat, humidity and sea water (for you beach bums) flowing through your beard, it will be looking worse for wear very quickly. Your beard may have kept you warm during the winter, but you don’t have to say good bye to it during summer. Here are some tips on how you should maintain your beard during the hot Aussie summer.

  1. Wash Your Beard Daily

It’s inevitable that you’ll sweat more in summer, and this sweat will be trapped in your beard. Not only that, salt and grime will also build up. This will lead to excessive irritation, made worse by the heat. To combat this, wash your beard every day to remove all this build up. Find a mild cleanser like Milkman’s 2 in 1, which is pleasant for your skin. Using a harsh head shampoo on your beard will strip away the natural protective oils and will lead to inflammation. A mild shampoo is still able to clean the beard but will not cause irritation. A good wash will leave the beard feeling fresh, soft and cool which is perfect during hot days.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water. During summer, water will evaporate more out of the skin and hair. It is hard to put this moisture back in. The easiest way to do this is by drinking more water. Staying hydrated is essential for skin health as it helps stop cracks and flaky skin appearing. In turn this will help hair grow nice and strong, instead of growing brittle.

  1. Protect the Hairs

The harsh summer weather has the ability to damage the protective cuticle layer of hair and the layers underneath. Frizz, itch and brittle hair are usually symptoms that follow this occurrence. It’s best to apply beard oil every morning to protect your beard hair before exposing it outdoors. Beard oil contains essential fatty acids that penetrate and coat the hair to prevent it from damage as well as moisturising the skin to stop water from evaporating. Beard oil also contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories for added benefit. Milkman’s beard oil is very light weight and will not leave a greasy feeling in the beard, which can feel grubby in the summer months.

  1. Trim it

A constant trim over the summer will keep your beard regenerating new growth. This new growth will be young healthy hair that is able to withstand the summer weather compared to your old beard hair.  A trim will also remove frizzy split ends that have been damaged by the sun, giving it a very healthy appearance.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin underneath the beard is just as important as washing it. By exfoliating, you are removing all the built up grime, and also removing dead skin cells. This will allow new skin to regenerate underneath. Hair follicles will also become clear from obstructions, giving it the best chance to propagate and avoid ingrown hairs. That grimy and sticky feeling in your beard will soon disappear after proper exfoliation, and your skin will probably stop being so irritated.

By doing these things you'll not just be staying cool this summer, but you'll also be looking cool. 

Author: John Porreca


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