10 Grooming Mistakes That Men Should Avoid

man with grey curly hair and beard using an electric shaver and making a grooming mistake that he should avoid.

Getting rid of any grooming mistakes is essential for guys hoping to get the most from their morning routines. 

Whether you’re over washing your hair, using blunt razors, or ignoring those nose hairs - kicking these habits to the curb can do wonders to your skin, hair, and overall attraction. All you need to do is identify any grooming errors lingering in your own routine - sounds easy enough, right? 

Are you ready to take your grooming routine to the next level? Below, we’ve listed 10 grooming mistakes that every man should avoid. These have been hand-picked by our panel of attraction experts as critical mistakes that can kill your value on the dating market - check it out! 

Shaving Before A Shower 

man shaving using Milkman Grooming Co Razors

Shaving before you jump in the shower is one of the most common grooming mistakes that men make. 

It’s a missed opportunity for your shaving routine. The warm water would soften your facial hair, making it easier to cut - why not take advantage of that? 

Plus, shaving without softening the facial hair’s a recipe for skin irritation - specifically in the form of razor rash or bumps. 

The Solution: Instead, try shaving after a shower. The warm water will soften your facial hair and make it much easier for your razor to plow through. This will also reduce any drag on your razor and lessen any noticeable skin irritation. 

Hot Showers

Particularly in those chilly winter months, it can be tempting to crank up the heat in your showers. Though for the sake of your skin, it’s not worth the hassle.

The hot water will often leave behind dry, tight-feeling skin - which can lead to skin irritations or may even worsen eczema. For your scalp, excessive heat can also cause dandruff.

The Solution: Though it may be tough to hear in winter, turn down the heat in the shower! Instead, opt for a lukewarm temperature. Your skin will thank you. 

Overwashing Your Hair 

man over washing hair in the shower

Another common grooming mistake that guys commit in the shower - overwashing your hair! 

When we wash our hair too much, we strip it of natural oils and can dry out the scalp. Over time, the body will over-correct and produce more oil to compensate - leaving you with a greasier scalp than what you started with.

The Solution: Guys, go easy on the shampoo and conditioner. You typically don’t need to wash your hair every day. Instead, try washing every 3 or so days.  

Using Shaving Cream Over Gel 

When it comes to taking care of your skin while shaving, you can’t ignore the benefits of shaving gels over shaving creams. 

Shaving creams will often cause dry, tight-feeling skin. Not to mention, the soapy foam also blocks your view so you can’t actually see where you're shaving. 

With the wide range of benefits that a shaving gel can offer over a shaving cream, making the switch is a no-brainer. 

The Solution: Shaving gel can offer a range of superior benefits to your grooming routine. It’s deeply moisturising, so it’ll help prevent noticeable skin irritations like razor burn and bumps. And since there’s no soapy foam blocking your view, it’s much easier to see where you’re shaving - providing you with a clean, precise shave.

Once you go gel, you’ll never look back. 

If you’re chasing a premium shave lubricant, we’d suggest trying this soap-free Clear Shave Gel by Milkman. The formula is very hydrating to protect from razor burn - leaving your skin looking soft and supple post-shave. 

Using Old Razors 

That old, blunt razor you keep using isn’t doing your skin any favours. It pulls at your facial hair, drags over the skin, and leaves behind shaving rashes, cuts, and redness. 

To top it off, shaving with a blunt razor will often leave you with a patchy-looking shave. Who's got time for that?

The Solution: It’s about time you let go of that old, blunt razor. Grab some new, sharp blades to minimise razor rashes and to get a cleaner-looking shave. 

Skipping The Aftershave 

It soothes, moisturises, heals the skin, and smells great - aftershave is clearly an essential product to have post-shave.

Though despite all these benefits, many guys often find themselves skipping the aftershave. 

The Solution: Start using an aftershave! These products offer a powerhouse of benefits that simply can’t be ignored. All you need is a splash or two post-shave to reap these rewards. 

Are you eager to get started with an aftershave? Try these game-changing Aftershave Serums by Milkman. They’re a moisturiser, toner, ointment, and aftershave all rolled into one convenient product. The serum will calm any post-shave irritation and will leave behind a pleasant seasonal fragrance. 

Too Much Hair Product 

man with too much hair product styling his hair into a horn

Hairstyling products like pomade or clays can be great for boosting volume, locking the hair in place, and creating a good-looking hair-do. That being said, too much of a good thing can be bad. 

Using too much product doesn’t look good. It will often cause the hair to appear heavy and greasy - which can be very noticeable.

The Solution: Less is more when it comes to using hair styling products. Begin with a pea-sized amount to lightly coat the hairs. If you need more product, add it as you go - just remember not to go overboard. 

Ignoring Nose Hair 

Those visible tufts of nose hair aren't doing you any favours with the ladies. 

Sure, nose hair does serve an important role - they help to stop bad bacteria from entering the body through your nostrils. That being said, those dangling nose hairs aren’t doing much except hanging around and seriously downgrading your look.

The Solution: Luckily, taking care of your nose hair is a pretty simple process - especially if you pick up a nose hair trimmer

Neglecting The Nails 

Ignoring your nose hair is one thing, but neglecting your nails is a whole other issue for guys. After all, who likes overgrown fingernails? 

Longer fingernails pick up more bacteria and dirt, meaning that they’re much harder to keep clean. Keeping your nails tidy and trimmed is much more appealing. 

The Solution: Get your hands on a set of nail trimmers and start trimming them back every week or so. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost your attraction. 

No Skincare Routine 

man with good skin care routine holding clear shave gel for his shaves which is great for sensitive skin

One of the most meaningful things you can do to boost your attraction is to set up a skincare routine. With the proper products by your side, a good skincare routine can delay signs of aging, soften the skin, fight off acne, and keep your skin looking good. 

Though despite the many benefits a skincare routine can offer, many blokes still haven’t put one in place. It’s about time this changed. 

The Solution: It’s time to set up your own skincare routine - you don’t need many products to get started. Grab a cleanser, scrub, and moisturiser to keep your skin in tip-top shape. 

With these 10 common grooming mistakes out of the way, you can enjoy the full range of benefits that a proper grooming routine can offer!


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