Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Him in 2021

bearded man all about last minute christmas gifts

Finding last-minute Christmas gifts for him doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. To make the process a little easier, we’ve put together a top-notch list of Christmas gift ideas that he’ll be sure to love. 

Don’t settle for a pair of socks this year. Grab him a thoughtful gift that he’ll be sure to cherish for years to come! 

So, are you on the hunt for last-minute Christmas gifts for him? Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. In this post, we've listed 10 thoughtful gifts that he’ll love this Christmas. Take a look! 

Hair & Body Combo: Just Jelly Gel 

3 in 1 whiskey and dry body wash and gel pomade just jelly combo

First up on our list of last-minute Christmas gifts for him, we have this Just Jelly Gel Hair & Body Combo. The kit contains everything he needs to look after his hair, from washing to styling. 

For hair washing, there’s the 3-In-1 Body Wash. Once worked into a thick, foamy lather, this wash will remove any built-up sweat or dirt lingering in his hair. The best part? These washes are scented with a stunning cocktail fragrance - they’ll make you want to sniff his hair all day long! Choose between Whisky & Dry, Espresso Martini, or Gin & Tonic. 

As for styling, the Just Jelly Gel has him covered. This styling gel is a serious game-changer - containing nourishing ingredients like collagen aminos, glycerin & Kakadu Plum extract to strengthen his hair over time. Not to mention, the firm hold will lock his hair-do into place, with a high-shine finish to accompany. 

Hair & Body Combo: Dream Cream 

3 in 1 espresso martini body wash and dream cream pomade

If he prefers his hair-styling products with a lighter hold, we’d suggest picking up this Dream Cream Hair & Body Combo

This pack also includes your choice of the Espresso Martini, Gin & Tonic, or Whisky & Dry 3-in-1 Body Wash - helping to keep his hair fresh and squeaky clean. Though the difference is that this bundle also includes the Dream Cream Styling Cream.

This styling product offers a much lighter hold, with a subtle shine to finish - helping him to create that care-free, flowing look. Plus, the blend also contains collagen aminos, glycerin & Kakadu Plum extract to strengthen his hair over time.

Enviro Pack: Beard Wash + Comb-bo

milkman beard wash and recycled plastic comb combo

Does his beard need a little attention? For the guys that aren’t afraid to get their hands (and beards) dirty, this Beard Wash + Comb-bo Enviro Pack will make the perfect gift. 

This kit comes with a 2-in-1 beard wash that’ll leave his whiskers clean, soft, and smelling good. The formula works great for beards of any size, whether he’s rocking a layer of stubble or a full-sized beard. Dry, brittle beard hairs will be a thing of the past! 

As for styling, the kit also comes with the Enviro Beard Comb - made in Australia from 100% recycled bottle caps. With both coarse and fine teeth, this piece will detangle and style his beard into an attractive shape. 

Trio Of Balms Pack 

 Milkman trio of beard balms combo gift pack

If he needs an extra hand styling his beard, consider grabbing him this Trio Of Balms Pack for Christmas. 

There’s nothing quite like the styling, conditioning, and fragrancing abilities of these beard balms. They’ll offer his beard with a light, natural-looking hold - with a great scent to accompany.

Choose between three fragrances - spiced vanilla, freshly baked, or beard candy.

Moustache Grooming (Rescue) Kit 

milkman grooming co moustache rescue kit

This Moustache Rescue Kit will make a thoughtful gift for any guy that needs a helping hand with their moustache. 

With all the necessary tools at his fingertips, he’ll have everything he needs to grow and maintain a top-notch moustache. The kit includes a travel-friendly moustache comb, firm mo’ wax for styling, wooden moustache brush, scissors for taming flyaway hairs, clear shaving gel, and a safety razor to maintain tidy moustache lines.

All of these products are packed into a stylish Dopp kit that he can take anywhere he goes. 

100% Bamboo Bath Towel 

milkman bamboo microfibre bath towel

Has he been using the same raggedy bath towel for years? If so, it’s about time he upgraded to this deluxe 100% Bamboo Bath Towel. Once he touches this bath towel, he’ll never look back. 

These bamboo bath towels beat cotton towels any day of the week. They’re softer, harbour less odour, and are resistant to shrinking - so they’ll last him for a long time. Plus, their heavy-weight feel is a luxury that he’ll never take for granted.

Three-Piece Beard Renovation Kit 

3 piece beard trim and line up kit (beard renovation kit)

With all the lockdowns we’ve endured this year, you can’t blame him for having a wild-looking beard. Though, you can help him tidy it up in time for the new year with the help of our Three-Piece Beard Renovation Kit.  

The pack includes everything he needs to clean up his neck/ cheek lines, and snip away fly-away hairs. This includes the clear shave gel, moustache scissors, and a sleek matte black single-blade razor. 

With the help of this kit, his beard lines will be looking nice and sharp in no time at all. 

Essentials Beard Care Kit 

milkman grooming co essentials beard care kit

For the bearded gentleman in your life (we all know at least one), we’d suggest picking up the Essentials Beard Care Kit

Take care of all his basic beard-care duties with this kit, ranging from washing to styling. The pack includes a 2-in-1 beard wash, beard oil, and mini pocket comb - all packed into a stylish Dopp kit.

Ultimate Beard Care Kit 

 milkman ultimate beard care kit

This Ultimate Beard Care Kit is no joke - it contains everything he’ll ever need to shape, style, and clean his whiskers for the foreseeable future. 

This massive bundle includes a 2-in-1 beard wash, three bottles of beard oil, a beard candy beard balm, moustache wax, beard brush, trimming scissors, pocket comb, and shaving oil - all packed into a stylish Dopp kit. 

If that’s not enough to convince you, you’ll save up to $50 when purchasing this epic kit. 

Milkman Grooming Gift Card 

milkman grooming co gift card

Still not sure what to get him for Christmas? If you’re still in doubt, pick him up this Milkman Grooming Gift Card

Our online store contains a wide range of grooming products, including beard-care, body washes, moustache-care, towels, Dopp kits, hair-care, and so much more. With the variety on offer, he’ll have no problem choosing a memorable gift. 

With these 10 last-minute Christmas gifts for him, picking a thoughtful gift couldn’t be easier. 

Merry Christmas! We hope all of you have a safe, happy holiday. We’ll see you in the New Year!


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