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Based on 1735 reviews
It's really good stuff

This is a great product 👌

Wooden Beard Comb
Geoffrey Burrows
My new favourite grooming tool

This wooden beard comb is fantastic! It works well on my beard anytime, but especially when I'm combing through beard oil or beard butter. I like the comb so much that I bought a second one even though the first one is still perfect.

Natural Deodorant
Geoffrey Burrows
Finally - a natural deodorant that works

The natural deodorant works well. I started with the King of Woods scent, and have since tried Bay Bounty. Both work really well. I have used the King of Woods one on some seriously sweaty days while working hard, and by the end of the day there still wasn't any noticeable body odor. The only reason that I rated it four start instead of five is that the residue of the deodorant's scent lingers in my shirts even after they've been washed, and it does smell a little stale. But to be fair, I do all my laundry in cold water only, and I don't do any pre-soaking either.


Use it every day smells great

Best smelling deodorant

I saw an ad on Facebook for Milkman Co Deodorants. In the past I’ve used the deodorants that promise 72 hour protection and two hours later you need to reapply.
I used milkman deodorant (red one for context) for the first time the other day.
It was on average a 36 degree day and I was in an out of the sun for about 6 hours
By the end of the day I was surprised that I still smelt good. Definitely worth giving these guys a chance

This scent is my favourite

Milkman King of Wood

Saw your ad online and as a Sunny Coaster myself, thought I’d support a Sunny Coast business. Your deodorants are great, I like the fact that there are no bad chemicals in them, so I also bought my son one and he loves it too. I’ll definitely be supporting you guys and buying more when I run out. Thanks guys, great product.

Smells geat

Smells really good, lasts all day. Great product

Elite service and sme

Beyond happy with the 3 pack and bottle of Sandalorian. Search for a long time for a natural deodorant only to find them on the Sunshine Coast! Wife loves the new scent. Stoked for this local business to be backing up their words with their products.


Blades are sharp and Lea Ed a smooth clean shave

No more B O

Milkman has done it again awsome stuff even the mrs uses it now

Amazing product!

I have just received the natural deodorant three pack and was blown away by the quality of this product! The natural scents are so much nicer than the synthetic chemicals I previously used. I was sceptical at first but after using this product for only a week I can already feel the difference. I would highly recommend this deodorant.

Beards feeling great!

I have sensitive skin and have always found having a beard itchy and irritating. I purchased the shampoo and oil and been using it for just over 2 weeks now and it has already made a difference. No itchy feeling in my beard and the oil feels great. Will 100% buy again.

Excellent scent and long lasting

Very good scent and lasts all day. For what you get I think it is reasonably priced

very good scent.

It has a very pleasant scent and does not sting when applied. The scent is not overpowering, but is not weak either. It is a good balance.

Best deodorant ever

By far the best deodorant I’ve ever used ever. I’ve tried many different brands, but none come even close to milkmans

Ditch the toxic spray this stuff is awesome!

I will admit I was very skeptical that these natural deodorants would work. After reading a heap of reviews I figured I would give them a go and I can honestly say they have exceeded my expectations by a mile. They smell great, go on easy, last all day and are cost effective as you don't have to use much at all. Sandalorian and King of wood are by far the best IMO can't go wrong with them in any conditions. Give this great Aussie product a go and ditch the toxic spray I sure won't be going back to it !!!

Absolutely perfect

Very happy with this product. Great fragrance.


The fragrances are brilliant. You are the Aussie version of Dr. Squatch and in my opinion why better!!!!

Natural Deodorant
Steve Corry
Best change I’ve made

At first I thought the Milkman product would be a waste but….. man oh man what a great surprise that this product actually works and fulfills the expectations remarkably well
The scents are very appealing and as I bought a three selections I now have a wonderful choice for my daily deodorant
Well done to Milkman 👍

Like it a lot.

I started off getting the "King of Wood" to try and I really liked it, so, I thought to myself, what are the others like. After trying each of the other products I am very happy with the fragrance of each of them. However, I do find the 'Sandalorain' is a little crumbly after putting it on. I'm not sure if it is just that one or if it is a batch that didn't turn out quite right, but I really like the smell and will defiantly be purchasing again.

Better then I expected

I was a bit sceptical about how good it would go.
But it surprised me.
This stuff lasts all day no dramas at all.


I'm the type of guy I don't want no complex morning routines and the moustache wax exactly helps with that. I've tried a few other that you have to massage in to you hand then apply and to me they just became frustrating. This you just apply on like it was a lip balm for your stash it's so easy then hit it with the brush, give the sides a quick twist if you want and your done easy as that

Natural Deodorant 3 Pack