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Based on 2068 reviews
Natural Deodorant 3 Pack
Simone Mcallister

Great smell - feel great -

Original Beard Oil
Jason Walton
King of Wood

This beard wash is that manly that you don’t have to wear a flannie or act like a lumberjack.
You partner will go weak at the knees.


It smells so awesome and my partner loves it. It's a very subtle smell but when you get up close it just blazes! Long lasting too!

3 pack Review

Great product highly recommended works well. Personally only liked one out of the three. But I gifted others and they loved them.

Amazing product

Bought this product as I seen it was Australian made. Very good product. I use under my armpits.
- smells great
- easy use and store
- affordable price
- better than anything else on the market


Great concept, but ineffective.

Hi Guys
Love what you're trying to do here, unfortunately isn't working for me so pretty disappointing. Deodorant has a pleasant fragrance (albeit a little overpowering), but regrettably isn't keeping my pits dry.

Absolutely unreal

great stuff! smells awesome, feels awesome

Natural Deodorant
Luke Savvakis
Found my forever smell

Bought the three pack, was abit of a gamble but all three smelt as good as each other. The milkman hit the nail on the head with these

Best on the market

I’ve tried many different natural deodorants and never been happy with them due to cost or they make me sweat more and gunk up the pits. Until now! If you’re looking for a review to try these deodorants this is the one. These products are easy to apply, smell amazing and actually work all day without any discomfort. They are also very affordable. I couldn’t be happier with the product and could not recommend them more.

Natural Deodorant 3 Pack
Scott Lovegrove
Deodorant Game Changer

I have been looking for a deodorant that could actually do what it’s required to do for the longest time now! I work in a stressful environment on 12 hour shifts. I required a deodorant that I could smell at the end of the shift. It needed to handle periodical sweat. It needed to be free of chemicals that clogged my pores and stained my close. After much deliberation over prices and different ways of applying deodorants, I decided to try Milkman Grooming Co Natural Deodorant. By far the best deodorant on the market. Could not be happier with the product and it smells great.

Large normal guy.

Have been using 'normal' deodorants for all my life.. always thought it was 'normal, as good as it gets'. Finally bit the bullet and ordered something different, slightly more expensive but not over the top.
It's been 4 days and I can't believe the difference. It's black and white. No sweating. No more guessing 'can others smell me? doing my own head in.
Will not stop buying this deodorant. Ever.

Awesome Australian Brand

This cologne is spectacular.

Great product

Did a great job on my arm pits
Will use this product for ever and ever thanks peeps

Amazing products

I’ve used the deodorant and beard oil now and I am beyond happy with both products. They are long lasting and smell amazing. My girlfriend loves when I wear them too.

Delicious smell. Perfect foaming.

5/5 perfect amount of foaming. The smell whilst cleaning is delicious, although I don't notice it once out and dry. This is my regular and no plans to stop using.

Natural Deodorant
Shea Curry
Great product

Been a great product so far

Change my idea on Natural Deodorant

I sweat alot this not only helped my smell of my sweat. My BO was not noticeable all day and could smell the Milkman still on me even after a 10 hour day as a tradie.

Not bad

Seems good just have to wait for summer to get the best from it

Natural Deodorant
Micheal Morris
I like the smell

The smell is amazing and actually gives me more confidence in myself. The feel is also really nice and silky on my skin. I have recommended this to my friends.

Awesome Smelling

These milkman deodorant blew mine and my families minds how great the smell was and it lasts all day as well great job guys

Love my milkman products

Love my milkman products. Have told all my friends to switch.

Booze for your bod.

I tried this range as a “gimmick” purchase as they were on sale, I needed shower gel, and I was drunk shopping. Well, I’ve never looked back. After trying a few of the scents, I’m sticking with Espresso Martini. I make a killer EM, and now I can smell it every time I shower. If you use a loofah or face cloth, you only need one pump! Heaps less than I was using with my previous gel. Also, importantly, you can buy refills - a small step to reducing waste and saving money! Love this stuff!

Natural Deodorant Virgin

I’ve been sceptical of “natural” deodorant claims - I couldn’t be more of a “sweater” if I was made of wool! I have found stick deodorant to work better than others, and learnt to avoid the ones that turn shirt pits funky. But I’m actually very impressed with this product. You don’t need a lot - you’ll go through it quickly if you apply like regular stick deo. But it smells good, seems to keep the pits dry, and I haven’t found any residue on my shirts. I selected Oud Noir - I’m obsessed with that scent - and I will definitely be re-stocking soon.

Natural Deodorant 3 Pack
David Holden❤️


Natural Deodorant 3 Pack