Winter is coming, and you may or may not know, but every winter Milkman Grooming Co supports BeardsOn for Conservation, a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness about climate change. Each year, BeardsOn run a Winter Challenge where men grow out their beards & raise money for conservation projects & their goal of planting 1 million trees. In 2017, Milkman will be supporting this cause with a limited edition, premium, and all Australian inspired ’Ten Trees’ beard oil. Funds raised from sale of each Ten Tree Beard Oil will be doing exactly what the name suggests – it will go directly to BeardsOn so they can use it to plant 10 trees in regional Australia.


We wanted to do something special with this beard oil. Every aspect from the packaging to the formulation have been carefully crafted to fit the Ten Trees them. 

First, the bottles were recycled from factory seconds that we accumulated as we produced our standard beard oil range. Each bottle was washed, scrubbed & re-printed in a gorgeous duotone of green & white. 

With regard to the formulation, we chose to only use Australian Certified Organic (ACO) carrier oils as the base of the oil. These oils, including grapeseed, coconut, argan, hemp, and jojoba are all fantastic for skin & hair health. Each oil has been sourced from plants that have been grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or GMO's, and are environmentally sustainable. Obviously, we decided it was appropriate to source ACO oils for this limited edition run in the spirit of the cause.

When deciding on the fragrance for the beard oil, we thought we should use all Australian inspired essential oils. In keeping with the theme of planting trees in the Australian bush land, we chose to use all natural essential oils which have an enjoyable and masculine aroma, yet are still suitable to use in a beard oil.  The result is a fragrance that makes you feel like you're walking through the Australian bush on a crisp winter morning.

The exceptional blend of Australian sandalwood, buddha wood, and lemon myrtle essential oils emit a deep and a familiar Australiana aroma. Here's why we chose each of these fragrances for Ten Trees:


      This particular sandalwood is harvested under a sustainable management plan administered by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. 

      It has a very distinctive smell, particularly a sweet oriental and very soft woody aroma. It is frequently used as a base to many colognes and perfumes.

      It is very popular in herbal medicine because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

      Interestingly, sandalwood is used in a lot in aromatherapy preparations, and studies show that patients feel a reduction in anxiety after therapy.

      Buddha Wood

        Buddha Wood is a rare essential oil from the Buddha Wood tree found in NSW, Queensland and South Australia.

        It has a smooth woody aroma. It has been said that Buddha smells like a combination of cedarwood, guiacwood and sandalwood. It is rich, smoky, malty and complex. Its aromatic complexity comes from the wood’s evolution to cope with a harsh Australian climate.

        Mark Evans from Hermitage Oils who supplied the Buddha Wood says that it is an essential oil that symbolises the very essence of the Australian bush.

        It is said that Indigenous Australians used Buddha Wood to treat sores, cuts and also to treat chronic joint pain.

        Lemon Myrtle

          Native to Queensland, lemon myrtle is another essential oil that is popularly used in aromatherapy and therapeutics. It releases a fresh, vibrant and uplifting smell, which is rare for Australian native essential oils, which are mainly earthy and woody fragrances.

          It is described as another healing plant due to its antibacterial properties.

          Its aroma is a fresh, sharp and potent lemon scent.

          ABOUT BeardsOn for Conservation

          BeardsOn for Conservation was co-founded by Jimmy Stanton-Cooke and his partner Jess. They started the non-for-profit organisation because they were very passionate in growing awareness about the destructive deforestation that is occurring in precious parts of the world.

          To raise awareness, the organisation challenges men to grow beards in an effort to start the conversation about environmental consciousness, especially in a time where the earth is growing in fragility.

          By participating, this will be your way of giving back to the earth and helping find a solution to what is the growing problem of climate change, pollution and environmental damage. You have the opportunity and resources to raise awareness among colleagues, friends, fans at the footy, and family. All you have to do is start growing a beard and start a conversation.


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