It's rare when a day goes by that we haven't received at least one beard-related question from one of our customers or Facebook followers.  I thought I would start turning some of these interactions into the occasional blog post because I do tend to get a lot of the same kinds of questions over and over.  So, the question I received from one of our customers recently was as follows:

"Hey... I just had a couple of questions about your products, as I'm new to them With the beard oil and beard balm, is it necessary to use both together, or is it a matter of preference? Also, when using these products, is it necessary to wash the beard everyday, or are the oils/balms going to work on the days when not washing it? I've heard it's better not to wash your beard everyday, so I'm curious "

If you want to know what we think, here's our response. 

"Hi [Customer], Ben here...  With regard to beard oil and balm, it is definitely a matter of preference.  I would generally avoid using both together because:
1. unless you use King of Wood beard oil, the scents of the products will clash; and
2. it's overkill - our beard balm will do a lot of the same things that our beard oil will do but because it has waxes in it, you will also get some hold into your beard for styling purposes.

The main thing I would recommend a beard oil for over a beard balm is where you have dry skin (because an oil can really get in there and moisturise) or your beard is quite short and you don't need the hold that a balm provides...

As for washing your beard every day, again this is a preference and may also depend on your skin type.  If you have oily skin, a messy/sweaty job and/or are prone to break outs, then regular cleaning may be a good idea.  Personally, I do wash it every day because our 2 in 1 makes my beard feel extremely soft afterward and the cleaners and foaming action are intended so as not to be too harsh on your skin and hair. 

Having said that, if you have very dry skin on your face, washing it every day may not be a good idea as it can strip away your skin's natural sebum and make the dryness worse, unless you moisturise well afterward.

We then offered this customer a special deal so that he could try out his own grooming methods to see what suits him.  

If you have any beard related questions that you would like answered on this blog, why not let us know in the comments section below or via Facebook.  We would be more than happy to give you our thoughts.

Until then, stay beardiful.


Jack :

Does beard oil help your beard to grow at all? And also should you ever apply beard oil or balm before going to bed at night? Thanks

Feb 16, 2018

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