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Beards are a wonderful thing and I guess that's why it's inevitable that people would find ways to have fun with them.  I've personally seen guys tie their beards up in braids and of course there are those viral images of Pierce Thiot who puts all sorts of random gear into his facial hair, from lego to tooth picks, it gets pretty crazy.  The latest thing to do the rounds is the "flower beard" and as you can guess, what it involves is pretty self-explanatory.   Simply take a nice long beard, some daisies, violets, or basically whatever flowers you have handy and just jam them in anyway you can.  The result is an instant transformation, from a symbol of manliness, to a walking vase.  Although it's certainly a bit of fun and makes for some entertaining photos, it also isn't that new.  Apparently there are photos of flowery beards dating back to at least 1977.  In any event, if you wanted to make your beard smell better, we'd recommend a nice beard oil in preference to pieces of bush, but each to their own.

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