What Do You Use Beard Balm For

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So, what do you use beard balm for anyway? For guys new to the world of beard grooming, this is a common question that regularly pops up. Is it a styling product? Or is it meant to moisturise your beard? Let’s clear a few things up. 

Below, we’ve detailed the many reasons and benefits of adding a beard balm into your grooming routine - take a look! 

What Is Beard Balm?

First things first, what is beard balm exactly? 

Beard balm is a popular men’s beard product designed to style and shape medium to long beards. They typically contain essential oils, shea butter, and beeswax to help blokes style their whiskers into a neater shape. That being said, the benefits of beard balm extend far beyond this core styling purpose. 

On top of this, beard balm can also be used as a leave-in conditioner, working to soften hairs, soothe dry skin, and provide the beard with a welcoming touch.


What Are the Benefits of Beard Balm?

Although similar to beard oil in many respects, Beard Balm has some unique features that make it an excellent piece of kit to add to your beard care tool bag. Here are the key benefits:

1. Use it to Soften Facial Hair

Beard balm is essentially a leave-in conditioner for our facial hair. It works to provide a softer touch, while locking-in the moisture and keeping our whiskers well hydrated. 

2. It Fights Off Itchiness

Many beardsmen can relate to the itchiness that comes hand-in-hand with growing a beard - though with beard balm, this irritation can become easier to deal with. Applying a hefty dose of balm can moisturise the dry skin beneath the beard to keep scratching at a minimum. 

3. It Can Boost Volume

Guys working with thinner beards could really benefit from using balm. With ingredients like wax and natural butters, these balms work to provide our whiskers with a much fuller and thicker look - boosting your beard’s appearance in the process. 

4. It Styles & Shapes the Beard

At its very core, beard balm works to tame and style messy-looking beards. These products offer a light to medium hold on the facial hair - helping to deal with fly-aways and provide your beard with a much neater shape. 

5. It Shields the Follicles

The natural waxes and oils in beard balm help to inhibit brittleness in the tips of follicle (which can lead to split ends & premature breakage). It also coats the hair to help shield against the damaging effects of the wind & sun.

6. It Helps to Straighten (lengthen) the Beard

Often times moisture in the air (high humidity) can promote the curliness of the hair follicles in many folks. This can be particularly noticeable in beards. If you like to comb your beard straight (or even use a hair straightener), then to reduce the chances that those curls creep back during the day you might want to think about applying balm. Not only will it add some weight and hold to the hair to keep it straight, it will also inhibit the amount of moisture that can get into the follicles from the air which will help to keep it looking straight and long.

7. It gives the beard a delectable fragrance

One of the really cool things I found about having a beard, is it's ability to hold fragrances & slowly but gently emit them during the day. For me, there's something cool about having another person notice how good my beard smelt when they got close. By choosing a beard balm that smells cool, you're not only doing yourself a favour, you're also making a nice experience for those around you, turning your beard into a weapon of mass seduction. 

How To Apply Beard Balm 

Understanding the benefits of using beard balm is one thing, but properly applying it to your whiskers is a whole other game.

1. Clean the Beard

To kick-off the process, you’ll need to make sure you’re applying your beard balm at the right time - which is typically after a warm shower. This is when the beard is it’s cleanest, and the pores are open, ready to absorb the balm. 

2. Scoop our the Desired Amount

After towel-drying your whiskers, scoop out a pea-sized dollop which will be sufficient for most short/medium beards. If you have a larger beard, start with a dollop & follow up with additional dollops until your beard feels fully coated.

3. Warm it Up

Next, warm it up between your palms - coating the inside of your hands and fingers in the process. Being a wax-based product, it will need a little warming to transform the solid balm into a thin slick of goodness that can be worked into your beard. I find it's worth taking an extra few seconds to do this well on especially cold days. 

4. Work it into the Beard & Skin

Then, work the blend into your facial hair and skin by gliding your hands over your cheeks, chin, and neck. Go up against the grain to get it deep into and under the beard, then pat it back down. Use the excess product to coat and style your moustache. 

5. Comb or Brush & Style

Once you’ve coated your beard, grab a comb or brush to evenly spread the balm and to give your facial hair some style and shape. If you’re hunting for a quality wooden beard comb, this product will do wonders - with thicker teeth to destroy tangles and leave behind a silky, soft beard. It’s the perfect choice for guys working with medium to long beards. 

6. If There's Any Left Over....

After applying your beard balm you may have a small amount left on the palms of your hands. If so, don't let it go to waste. This stuff is excellent for your skin so apply it to the back of your hands, your elbows, your crow's feet, forehead, wherever you can do with some extra moisturisation.

How often Should I apply Beard Balm?

The frequency at which you should use beard balm depends on your personal grooming routine and the condition of your beard. Generally, it is recommended to use it 1-2 times per day, especially after showering or washing your beard. If your beard is particularly dry or unruly, you may need to use it more frequently. It's best to start with a small amount and adjust as needed based on the appearance and feel of your beard.

Can I use Beard Oil & Beard Balm Together?

Beard oil and beard balm are both popular grooming products for men with beards, and they can both be used to help moisturize and condition the beard, as well as control and shape it. However, these products do have some differences, and they are typically used in slightly different ways.

Beard oil is a lightweight, hydrating oil that is designed to be massaged into the beard and skin beneath. It can be used to moisturize dry or brittle beard hair, as well as to help prevent itching and irritation. Some beard oils also contain essential oils that can provide a pleasant scent and may also have some beneficial properties for the skin.

Beard balm, on the other hand, is a thicker, wax-based product that is designed to help shape and control the beard. It can be used to tame unruly or frizzy beard hair, and to help hold a specific shape or style. Some beard balms also contain moisturizing ingredients, but they are typically not as hydrating as beard oil.

It is completely fine to use both beard oil and beard balm together. In fact, many people find that using them together is the best way to achieve a well-groomed and healthy-looking beard. The oil can be used to moisturize and condition the beard and skin, while the balm can be used to shape and control the beard hair. It's recommended to use the oil first and then apply the balm on top.

When using both products, it's important to start with a small amount of each, and to adjust the amount as needed based on the appearance and feel of your beard. It's also important to choose products that are formulated with high-quality ingredients and that are suitable for your skin type.

The Best Beard Balm For Men 

Are you eager to get started with a beard balm? If you’re on the hunt for a deluxe product, consider these beard balms by Milkman Grooming. 

With an all-natural formula containing premium botanical oils and waxes, these balms are great for giving your whiskers a light natural hold - with a healthy lustre to accompany.

The best part? There’s 3 delicious scents to choose from - ranging from the sweet, yet masculine Tahitian scents of Spiced Vanilla to the sweet n’ spicy aromas of Freshly Baked and the Woody Masculine notes of the King of Wood. To pick a beard balm that's best for you, CLICK HERE.

With the variety on offer, choosing the right balm to nourish and shape your beard couldn’t be easier. Though, if you’re still chasing other essential products to kick your beard-game up a notch, be sure to read our recent post: ‘Essential Beard Products You Need To Know About.’ 


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