Popular Hairstyles For Men in 2022 

mullet hair style for men

Are you looking for a new hair-do to kick-off the new year? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve listed the 6 most popular hairstyles for men to try in 2022. 

Whether you’re looking for styles to suit long, medium, or short hair, there’s a little something to suit every man - ranging from crew cuts to quiffs. Take a look! 


The slick-back has been a go-to hairstyle for men for years - and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s one of the easiest hairstyles to create and pull off - all you need is a firm styling product and a comb. Comb back the top and sides, and you’re ready to hit the town. 

Though this particular look was a popular choice for gentlemen in the 50s, it’s clear the slick-back has stood the test of time - with guys still rocking this style today. 

The slick back looks best on guys with oval or square face shapes. 


If guys aren’t wearing a slick-back, they’re usually rocking the side-part - another timeless look for modern gents. Otherwise known as the comb-over, the side-part has been a favoured hairstyle for men since the 1910s. 

The side-part is very low-maintenance - all you need to do is create a part on the right or left side of your head, then comb everything over to sit naturally. 

Side parts look best on guys with a square face shape. 

Crew Cut 

For guys chasing a stylish, low-maintenance cut, you can’t go wrong with the crew cut. This hairstyle typically includes a shorter back and sides, with a little bit of length on top. It’s one of those simple, straightforward hair-cuts that’ll never go out of fashion.

Our favourite thing about the crew cut is that it’s a very customisable style. They work well in both longer and shorter styles - with longer styles often including a small quiff. For a modern take you can have the sides faded in and even include a line to accentuate the contrast between the top and sides of your hair (see picture above).

The crew cut looks best on guys with a round face shape. 


If you’re looking for a popular style to suit medium to long hair, try asking your barber for a quiff. Though this was a popular style for men in the 50s, men today continue to flock to this particular style. 

This is a much more voluminous style, featuring shorter fades along the back and sides with a much lengthier top. The hair is combed up and back for a textured finish. It’s the perfect choice for blokes that don’t mind putting a little extra work into their hair every morning.  

The Mullet

Mullets are coming in hard. We've interviewed a few barbers already in 2022 and they have all confirmed that the mullet is very popular. Growing the back out can take a little bit of time but once the length is in you can have a bit of fun with the top. Let it grow wild and texture it with some matte clay, or fade in the sides for a more manicured look. 

A good mullet is made only better when it's matched with the right facial hair style. We find that rocking stubble, a goatee or a moustache is a great companion to the mullet to match the 

Caesar Cut 

 Fellas, if you’re looking for a truly unique hair-do to rock in 2022, consider the Caesar cut. It can take some cajones because it definitely isn't a mainstream style at the moment so it will definitely have you standing out. 

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is named after the resemblance of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. The style features a shorter back and sides, with a slightly lengthier top - with horizontal, straight-cut bangs to round out this look. 

The Caesar cut looks best on guys with a square face shape. 

Buzz Cut 

Finishing off our list of popular hairstyles for men, we have the buzz cut - after all, what guy wouldn’t love a hairstyle that doesn’t require any upkeep or maintenance?

The buzz cut involves taking those electric clippers and trimming your hair back to a shorter length on the top, back, and sides. It’s a no-nonsense style that continues to intrigue men from all walks of life. 

As simple as the buzz cut is, not every man has what it takes to pull off. The best cut looks best on men with an oval or rectangle face shape. 

With this basic guide by your side, finding a new, stylish hairstyle to suit your face quickly becomes a breeze. If you’re looking for more ways to upgrade your style, check out our recent blog post: What Beard Style Suits Me?’

If any of these styles caught your fancy, you might now be thinking, will I need any styling products to get this show on the road? That's why we have added the section below, which we have humbly titled....

The Best Hair Pomade For Men 

Different styles have different demands depending on the hold level required, the thickness and stubbornness of your hair, the shine level you desire & how your hair was cut (to name a view). Take a look! 

Milkman Pomades

'Just Jelly' Gel Pomade

First up on our list, we have the Just Jelly Gel Pomade. This product has a high shine with strong hold - perfect for creating those classic slick-backs and side-parts. 

The formula is packed with nourishing ingredients to strengthen your hair over time, including collagen aminos, glycerin, and Kakadu plum extract. Plus, the sweet & spicy Freshly Baked scent will linger in your hair all day long. 

Dream Cream Hairstyling Cream 

For guys looking for a pomade with a light, natural-looking hold, we’d suggest trying this Dream Cream Hairstyling Cream

This hair cream dissolves into the hair instantly, locking your style into place with a low hold and subtle shine to accompany it. Plus, the cream will leave behind a delicious whisky & dry fragrance that’ll turn your hair into a weapon of mass seduction. 

'Clay Pomay' Matte Clay Pomade 

If you’re looking for a styling product with a firm hold and low, natural shine - this Matte Clay Pomade is the answer. 

You’ll love the way this creamy formula dissolves in the hair instantly - locking your style into place with an assertive hold. And with a matte finish, it won’t look like you’re using any hair product at all. People will just assume your hair looks this good, naturally. 


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