How to Style the "Stubble & Stache" Barber Beard Trim & Shave Series Ep 10

How to Style the "Stubble & Stache" Barber Beard Trim & Shave Series Ep 10

Hi Everyone, Rex Silver again from the Garage Barber Shops in Queensland! Today we are going to create a trending look, the ‘Stubble and Stash’. The star of this look is the moustache, and the stubble will serve to give us a great shadow. 

One of the advantages of taking a beard off to go back to stubble is that all the fine hair that takes a long time to grow out has fully grown out. This assists men with fine and patchy beards to create a ‘fuller’ stubble look. Shaving clean and allowing stubble to grow out isn’t as effective a tactic. Rex slides the electric clippers up the side of the models face, slowly taking of the beard hairs, he ensures to pull the moustache out of the way so as to prevent accidentally cutting it off. Rex cuts with the aim of reaching one length all over. 

The global resurgence of men's grooming celebrates a revised era of proud masculinity, men owning their manliness again, it can be in the form of a full length beard or just stubble. Rex suggests being vocal with your actions with the client in the chair, asking them to assist you in order to achieve the best cut possible! Tapering edges in assists with the final cleanliness of the beards overall look, Rex uses the one and a half along the top of the cheek line, its a subtle action, however, it further builds form and shadow. No sharp lines being made upon the cheeks assists the stubble appearance, developing a grown-into feel. Rex suggests keeping a softness between the hair-line and beard-line, contributes to an effortless style look. 

The ‘Stubble and Stash’ look is described as rough and ready, style is achieved through small but noticeable actions. We are recreating a 70’s look with detail, complementing the facial structure. It is much easier for someone to assist you with your beard opposed to you attempting it yourself, you cannot see parts of you that other people may see all the time!

It is important to be nice and gentle with the Berets as they can be very sharp and cut the skin. Rex recommends following the natural lines from the face, ensuring not too much skin is exposed. Short strokes help with short whiskers which the model has, preventing the uncomfortable pulling of hairs. Rex suggesting really slightly tapering the moustache, tapering outwards to achieve a sleek but still long look, he suggests that less is more when trimming moustaches! The Mo-Stick will assist with keeping stray long-hairs in place. 

Using the Cut-Throat Razor Rex cleans up the lower line of the beard, removing possible stray hairs! Some suggest long smooth strokes, Rex rejects this rule, finding that short strokes assist with accuracy and the reducing the risk of pulling a hair and resulting in razor rash. Beard oil should be applied afterwards, Rex comments that it is a great product and doesn’t produce any sting effect, it is also very good for individuals with sensitive skin!

Milkman Beard Oil assists men who suffer from slightly to intensive dry skin issues, moisturising and softening the beard and skin. Rex places the oil on each pad of his fingertips and then massaging it straight through the beard. The delivery system on the Mo-Stick is so user friendly, designed like a chap-stick you can just paint it onto the moustache. No need to pre-heat the product or anything, its “point and shoot”. Twisting the Mo-Stick down the moustache guides the hairs into the direction of desired style and long-term growth. 

The ‘Stubble and Stash’ look was achieved effortlessly with Mitch’s facial hair, taking his beard down to a number two, one and a half and a one to create a gradual (natural) fade stubble look. We cleaned up the lower line to the stubble to maintain a sleek look upon the neck. The moustache, arguably the key factor of this look maintained fairly similar, with only a little bit being taken off in the middle, tapering some short hairs into the long body of the moustache! This look provides men with added confidence and overall style!

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