How to Maintain Your Beard When Travelling

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When you are travelling you enjoy the luxury of fluffy fresh towels, meals brought to your door and someone else making the bed every day. However, there are also those things that you can’t get just right when you’re away from home, whether that’s adjusting the temperature in your room or finding your favourite brand of water.

Your personal grooming can also take a hit when you’re travelling. Either because of the unfamiliar environment, differences in the water or simply a lack of time, you don’t have to let travelling interrupt the styling of your facial hair. Especially if you have a neatly presented style to maintain (for example where you are travelling for work), use the following tips to care for your beard or moustache while you’re away.


If you’re travelling for work, you probably have a set itinerary and you know how long you'll be away. Therefore, you can prepare and pack accordingly. Make sure you have travel size or travel-ready versions of all of the shaving and styling products and tools you would normally use to style your facial hair. You may also want to invest in a quality toiletries bag (also known as a "dopp bag") for all of these products. This will keep all your products easily accessible and reduce the chance of any leaks into your clothing.

Pro tip: For regular or spontaneous travellers a dopp bag can be pre-filled with your favourite travel sized grooming gear. That way you have a "grab 'n go" kit ready for your next adventure. 

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If you're travelling by plane, you may notice that the dry, rapidly circulating cabin air leaves your skin & hair feeling rough and lacking in moisture. On long haul flights, your skin & beard will accumulate layers of dead skin & perspiration. 

These issues can be resolved with just a couple of beard care basics. First, your travel size beard oil, which can be a quick way to look polished if you’re saving time in the morning when you’re running late because you’re still adjusting to sleeping in a new environment. It'll will help your beard to retain moisture so it doesn't dry out and will give it a healthy lustre that instantly makes you look polished. To clean away built-up grime, you’ll also want to bring your own travel-sized beard shampoo rather than rely on the often-harsh hotel soaps that will leave your beard feeling dry & brittle.

On longer trips your beard lines can start to grow out and you may get hairs growing out at different rates, creating some unevenness. Shaving clean lines around the cheek and neck is one of the simplest ways to make your beard look cleaner & fuller. Trimming those stray hairs & daily brushing will then take it all to the next level. Hence, depending on your shaving routine & the length of your trip, you may need to pack your beard trimmer and your razor as well as your beard brush, comb or scissors.

Pro tip: A couple of drops of beard oil also makes for a fantastic skin moisturiser. In one easy package you can have mobile beard care & skin care at the same time. By packing fewer products you'll have less clutter and a smooth travel experience. This is especially handy for trips to the outback, where space is at a premium.

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Personal Care

Finally, don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re away, and your personal grooming will reflect this. Make sure you drink enough water and eat well. This can be difficult if you’re travelling for work and going out for rich meals accompanied by a number of drinks but try and pace yourself. Your skin and your beard will thank you for it.

Pro tip: Your testosterone levels can influence how well your beard grows. Keep your levels optimised by getting some sun each day (remembering to be sun smart), doing cardio and/or some resistance training, get 7-8 hours sleep each night, keep alcohol to a minimum, reduce stress & eat clean with a good amount of protein (at least 1-1.5 gram per kg of body weight) & carbs.

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