7 Popular Moustache Styles for 2023

man with chevron moustache and big hair

Over the years, some popular moustache styles have stood the test of time while others are making a sudden and surprising comeback. 

If you’re hoping to take your ‘tache game to the next level, choosing the right style for your face is crucial. Luckily, there are plenty of potential types of mo’s to choose from - ranging from the staple Handlebar to the vintage Pencil. 

Below, we’ve listed 7 popular moustache styles for you to try for yourself in 2023 - check them out! 

1. Handlebar Moustache 

The handlebar moustache is an iconic style - named for its resemblance to the handlebars you’d find on a bicycle. 

Gaining popularity throughout the 70s & 80s, the handlebar moustache has continued to be one of the most popular moustache styles among gentlemen. This longer style of ‘tache, is easily recognised with its signature upward curve, reaching beyond the corner of the lips. Although this iconic mo’ can take up to 3-months to grow, it’s well worth the wait. 

2. Walrus Moustache 

The walrus moustache has been a favoured choice for blokes since the 19th century and has since been worn by a collection of noteworthy gentlemen - including Teddy Roosevelt, John Lennon, and Sam Elliot. 

The walrus moustache is a much longer and bushier style, as the facial hair hangs over the mouth - hence why this style gets its name from the whiskers on a walrus.  

For guys chasing a more rugged look, a thick walrus ‘tache may be the answer - and it’s very easy to grow. Simply grow-out your mo’ as long as you can and trim to the length of your choosing. 

3. Chevron Moustache 

The chevron moustache was a favoured ‘tache that took its stride in the 70s - particularly since it was often associated with popular American actor Tom Selleck. Though over the years, the chevron has made a strong return. After all, it’s perfect for guys chasing a subtle alternative to the handlebar or walrus. 

This full moustache is angled and shaped down to the corner of the mouth. Along the base, the Chevron is neatly trimmed and doesn’t hang over the upper lip - making this particular style appear very neat and tidy

4. The Horseshoe 

The horseshoe is a style not for the faint-hearted - named for its resemblance to an upside-down horseshoe. The facial hair extends from the top lip, reaching down past the corners of the mouth to the bridge of the jawline. 

This particular mo’ style earned its popularity in the 80s after appearing on the American pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan. Since then, this full moustache has become a go-to style for the manliest of men for its low-maintenance and bold statement. 

5. Pencil Moustache 

Lastly, we have the pencil moustache - a much older and traditional style that took its stride in the 30s and 40s. It was made popular by various actors like Clark Gable and Errol Flynn.

This thin-mustache neatly runs along the top of the upper lip - with a larger space left between the bottom of the nose and top of the mo’. It’s kept neatly trimmed to ensure no overhanging hairs. 

Though the pencil moustache is much easier to grow compared to those longer styles listed above, it does require more upkeep to maintain its clean, vintage appearance. 

Essential Moustache-Styling Products 

Choosing the perfect moustache style for you is only half the battle - to properly groom, shape, and create these various styles, you’re going to need a few essential moustache-styling tools by your side. Check them out below!

Moustache Wax (Mo-Stick)

For those more ambitious ‘tache styles, you’re going to need a moustache wax. These products are designed to lock your whiskers into place, helping to maintain their shape all day long. 

This Mo-Stick Moustache Wax is a great choice for guys - the oil-based wax formula is long-lasting and couldn’t be easier to use. Plus, the tube packaging is great for carrying around and re-applying on the go. 

Milkman Mo Wax held by man

Moustache Comb 

Whether it’s for spreading wax through your whiskers or styling your moustache on the go - there’s more than one reason to add a mo’ comb to your grooming arsenal. 

This Mini Styler Pocket Comb is the perfect companion. It’s great for keeping those fly-away hairs in line, tidying up your beard and moustache, and cleaning-out your facial hair after a meal. 

Pocket comb used by man in bathroom

Moustache Brush

If you are after a tool that is a little larger than the pock comb then the Moustache Brush is for you.  It has nylon bristles to keep that mo tamed so you are looking sharp as a tac.  This one is also made from Bamboo wood which is a fast growing sustainable wood and has Nylon bristles making it a vegan product.


Moustache Brush

Facial Scissors 

Lastly, you’ll likely need a set of facial scissors for your moustache - particularly for those stubborn fly-away hairs that won’t listen to reason. Simply cut them off to keep your ‘tache looking nice and neat. 

These affordable Beard & Moustache Scissors are a great choice - with a stainless steel, corrosive-resistant frame. They’re sharp enough to cut through those fly-away hairs without catching and have blunted tips so you don’t accidentally stab yourself. 

scissors used by bearded man

Maintaining these popular moustache styles couldn’t be easier - especially when you’ve got the right products by your side. Though if you’re on the hunt for more essential grooming products, be sure to check out our recent post: Essential Beard Products You Need To Know About.


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