Top Reasons to Grow a Moustache

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As we pride ourselves on being the beard experts, when we aren't busy making beard care products at Milkman Labs, we like to gather interesting facts and information for our bearded and moustache'd followers.  And with Movember just around the corner we thought it would be a cool idea to run a competition on our Facebook page to find out what people thought were the top 10 reasons to grow a moustache.  The competition got a very strong response with just under 17,000 views, 163 likes and 90 comments.  

We thought some of the responses were very entertaining and some may just encourage people thinking about growing a mo to.... well, grow a mo!  Naturally, this means it was probably a good idea for them to be shared more widely on our blog, hence this post.  So, without further ado, we have set out below what we thought were some of the best reasons to grow a moustache.  Note that unfortunately a couple of the comments were not quite PG-rated so we've had to tone them down a little bit.  If you want to see the comments in all of their glory, by all means check them out on Facebook.
  1. To twist the edges as you tie a damsel in distress to the train tracks. Mwah haha
  2. Nature says I can.
  3. So I can eat my food twice. 
  4. As a red head, my moustache & beard saves me 50% in sunscreen..!!!
  5. The added manliness keeps bears away...
  6. So you can challenge people to duals.....or rob trains.....or just to generally be rad
  7. So you no longer look like a baby !
  8. If there's peas in my soup, they don't get past the mo. I hate peas
  9. To be mistaken as a 70's porn star
  10. Turns wine into fine wine with its filtration capabilities
  11. Because a beard or moustache isn't just a moustache it's awesomeness escaping from my face!
  12. To stand out from the crowd, plenty of blokes have beards and that's awesome but curl it up, twist it make your facial hair be different to the rest and take pride in that difference. That way when you walk around people will notice something different about your beard.
  13. To look dignified, classy, accomplished and sleezy all at the same time.
  14. Moustache rides :-0
  15. To gain super powers!!!
  16. To look like a bad ass playing poker.

So there you go.  If you want to see more moustache-related content in the coming weeks and throughout Movember, stay tuned.  We've got plenty more to come.  In the meantime if we can help you with any of your product needs such as moustache wax, grooming kits or beard oil, just check out our store page.


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