The Milkman is born

Over the New Year I decided to grow a corporate beard because (a) I felt like a change and (b) I've got a baby face that's better left covered in hair if I'm to be taken somewhat seriously.  Once I started down the path, my two young daughters and wife loved it so much, I've just had to run with it and bask in the glory of my new found masculinity.

But it wasn't smooth sailing.  After a couple of weeks I encountered two main problems. The first was the fact that my face looks like nanna's patchwork quilt after she's had 3 shandies and half a sleeping tablet.  My chin hair is dense and black, my cheeks have black hair but it's thinner and interspersed with some rather obvious wiry looking greys and my moustache is stuck in adolescence, blonde and barely visible.   The second was the itch that my new locks created. If you haven't experienced (or can't remember) what it's like to grow out a beard for the first time, try gaffer taping scouring pads to either side of your face and tell me you're still feeling dandy.  Beard hair is rather stiff.  It curls around and rubs against the skin.  As it grows the skin underneath tends to dry out.  The result is an itchy and uncomfortable facial burden, rather than a bastion of virility and manliness. 

Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do about the first issue for now (unless I dip my face into a bowl of hair dye) but the second has a simple and somewhat addictive solution that I discovered after searching for it online.  For some reason I felt compelled to put "beard oil" into Google and was pleasantly surprised to find that not only does beard oil exist, it appears to be working for bearded gentlemen all around the world.  I did my research on various products and decided that although I understood the concept, I didn't like what was on offer in the market and wanted to create my own formulations using a cocktail of the best conditioning oils I could muster and some unique manly scents that no one has dared dream of before.  

The result is a trifecta of brilliant beard oil products scented with either:

  1. Cinnamon, citrus & spice.
  2. Bergamot & citrus.
  3. Myrrh, vetiver & sweet orange.
It's now a part of my daily routine to apply one of these oils to my beard each morning and as their distinctive scents linger with me all through the morning and my beard feels soft and itch-free I wonder how I ever put up with scouring-pad-face for so long.  

After some friends showed an interest in what we were doing, it didn't take long before my wife and I wondered whether there would be a market for these oils and posted a bunch of ads on Ebay.  Within a few hours of posting  ads for the first time, we had sold 3 units and got the bug to make this bigger and better.  So Milkman Australia was born.


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