Certified Australian Made Shave Gel

All of our hand selected soap-free shave gel ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers and carefully blended into the finished product and packaging right here in Oz.

Frequently Asked Clear Shave Gel Questions

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Our shave gel contains no animal-origin ingredients


We don't just use any water. The water in our products is purified on site using a solar powered, 5-stage reverse osmosis machine with carbon filter.


A tried & true moisturiser. Made from botanical origins, glycerine pulls moisture into the skin for amazing re-hydration.


Carbomer is a very low irritant gel-based thickening agent that provides slip for the razor instead of a traditional soap-based product often dries the skin out, causing a tight feeling on the skin post shave, irritation & breakouts.


A plant-origin sugar alcohol that helps to hydrate the skin & offset any irritation caused by the shaving process.


A sprinkling of this low-irritancy, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free preservative helps keep the after shave stable & free of nasties.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Traditionally used to soothe burns & irritation, we add a concentrate so that the level of aloe vera extract is comparable to the native plant.

Potassium Sorbate

Another non-toxic preservative that's widely used to keep food & cosmetics free from contamination.

Citric Acid

A plant-derived acid that inhibits bacterial growth & helps to keep this Clear Shave at a pH that is close to that of your skin, for a natural balance.

Potassium Hydroxide

A potassium salt which helps to thicken the formulation into a gel.

Calendula Officinalis Extract

A plant-based skin conditioning agent that has been traditionally used to inhibit inflammation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nadeen Stammer
Love the idea of a refill rather than buying a new bottle!

The gel is different to what I have used previously, but it works great, and my skin isn’t drying out as much

Richard D.
my new favourite shaving gel

I love this shaving gel, its easy to use (you dont need much) and helps me get a clean smooth shave

Steve L.
Shaving gel

Love the shaving gel, smooth, refreshing and lasts a long time

Andy N.
Great shave gel!

This is the best shave gel I have ever used. Clear so you can see the beard lines, smooth for the shave and leaves the face feeling clean and fresh. I love this gel and you will too!