13KGHT59 Enviro Comb (Made in Aust. with Recycled Bottle Caps) – Milkman Grooming Co

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Enviro Comb (Made in Aust. with Recycled Bottle Caps)

Milkman Grooming Co
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The Enviro-Comb is going to be a game changer for your hair and beard.  Here's why:

1. It's made right here in Australia (Melbourne) from 100% recycled bottle tops.  Even the box is made in Queensland.

2. No two combs are the same, each having it's own unique pattern and colour.  We will be releasing limited editions of each colour, so please refer to the picture for the colour currently available.

3. It detangles and styles with fine and coarse teeth on the same tool.

4. It has a gorgeous Milkman signature logo branded right into the body of the comb.

5. It has a thick spine for easy handling with big hands and is ultra durable.

6. It has a length of 195mm and width of 50mm and weigh 27grams, HDPE plastic.

Great for daily use, easy to travel with & a perfect gift for the bearded man or a man with hair on his head. 

The Environmentally Friendly Hair & Beard Comb

enviro comb made from recycled bottle caps by Milkman Grooming Co

How we turn single use plastic into durable grooming tools that last a life time.

According to the Australian Government Department of Environment & Energy, approximately 3.4 million tonnes of plastics are consumed in Australia each year. What's more, the Covid era has made many folks more aware of the pitfalls of importing so much of our daily essentials from overseas. We have tackled both problems head on by designing & commissioning the manufacture of grooming tools in Australia. The Enviro-Comb is the first of a line of new products we hope to create using this plastic recycling technology. By supporting this project, you'll help fund additional projects and get us closer to our goal of turning a mountain of single-use plastic into durable grooming essentials.

How The Enviro-Comb is made

Transforming Bottle Caps into Hair & Beard Combs

First the comb mold is clamped together & mounted into the injection molding machine. Then the hopper is filled with shredded plastic bottle caps (with different colour blends depending on what we want the final product to look like). The heater is cranked up to melt the bottle caps so they become a gooey looking concoction, kind of like toothpaste. The mixture is then pressure fed into the mold. Once cooled, the combs are removed, the injection port is snipped off & the combs are placed between two plates so they set nice & straight.