I recently received another interesting query from a Milkman customer.  He noticed that as his beard grew longer, he started to get beard hairs caught in his throat and wanted to know what to do about it.  Here are our thoughts.

The reason that beard hairs have become a problem in this way is because the hair around the mouth area is likely to have become too long and can catch on food and drink as it is being consumed.  

It isn't that the hair is literally being pulled out, rather it is that all hair goes through a natural process of shedding and re-growth.  Those hairs that are just about ready to shed are then very easily pulled free and into the mouth.

There are a few things that might help avoid this situation.  First, you can cut the hairs around your mouth a bit shorter they may be less likely to catch on food / drink and get caught in your throat. Another thing that might help is regular brushing of your beard. With regular brushing, you can dislodge many hairs that are ready to shed and remove them before they get drawn into your mouth when you eat/drink.  For the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, we recommend a beard grooming kit that comes with combs, brushes and scissors, to keep your beard in shape.

Lastly, we'd recommend trying a good moustache wax to keep the hairs over your top lip from getting in the way.  The Milkman's Mo-Stick(TM) is an excellent choice because it teams a very handy applicator with all natural ingredients and a wonderful pine scent.  Using a top secret process utilising a combination of plant and bees waxes (among other things), the Mo-Stick will hold your moustache out of the way and keep it looking sharp.  If you want to try this amazing new product, you can purchase it from our store.

Stay beardiful

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