In Australia winter and as the temperature drops men across the nation are putting their thongs into the corner and putting on some ugg boots, (or at least putting a pair of footy socks on whilst still wearing their thongs). When it comes to the season for most Aussies it’s either too hot or too cold. When it’s 40 degree days you can always hear murmurings of “I can’t wait for winter” and when it’s winter there are many complaints of “I'm so cold I can't even feel my *naughty bits*”.

There is no winning for some people really, but the best thing we can recommend is to enjoy the benefits of each, stop complaining and get on with your life. The summer seasons mean pool parties, days at the beach and enjoying a cold frothy watching the cricket. In the cooler months, it’s all about snuggling up with your partner under the doona, putting on some thermals and hitting the ski slopes and cracking open a dark ale and watching the fire dance in the fireplace (if you are lucky enough to have one).

Keeping warm is difficult but unlike summer where you can’t physically take any more layers off, winter allows you the option to dress up or throw another blanket on. One such blanket might be an alcohol blanket, and with certain foods and drinks being seasonal indulgences we thought we’d do a write up on our favorite winter bevies that will warm your bones and get you through the long winter nights.

Irish Coffee

irish coffee

The booze hound who thought of marrying Whiskey and coffee is an absolute legend. While the origins are unknown (apart from the country obviously) it is safe to say that probably some guy called Paddy, sunk a few too many Jamesons and pints of Guinness and needed a bit of the hair of the dog in the morning, so he poured whatever was left in his bottle into his morning cuppa. The news spread and we now have a fantastic winter cocktail that will keep you a lot more alert than most. Great cocktails like the espresso martini which is essentially a rich man's Irish coffee for the inspiration.  Don't forget if you have a beard or moustache you can always wash the cream out of your beard with a good shampoo.



There is something about drinking that is quite magical on a cold winters day. The dark brown liquid definitely sticks to your bones and does a great job of warming you up. The flavour profile of a stout has generally coffee, chocolate and molasses, it is full bodied and has a deep richness not found in your regular draught or larger style beers. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to stout variety as each one boast stronger flavours of different notes. My favourite at the moment is the Russian.


whiskey shots

Whiskey has been warming up people's blood for centuries. Whether it is served neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail there is never a moment where whiskey should be unwelcomed. In my opinion whiskey is an every season spirit, but if there is one season that it most suited it is an icy winter.  It is also the iconic drink for modern day beardsmen and stately gentlemen alike.

Hot Toddie

hot toddie

With winter comes many a cold, cough, flu and sniffle, and for these times the only prescription is a hot toddy. With ingredients like whiskey, honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves with boiling water poured over it, or you could brew it on the stove this creation is the perfect way to soothe the throat, clear the head and put you on the path of recovery. Even if you are in full health a hot toddy will make the winter a little easier.

Mulled Wine

mulled wine

It took me a long time to get behind the idea of a mulled wine as the idea of drinking hot wine didn’t intially appeal to my idea of a tasty bevarge. But after giving it a go one winter's night i was converted. To make this creating your esseintially just add cloves, cinamon, sugar, apple wedges, organge peel, nutmeg and water into a bot boiling it for bit then add some wine and simmer for 5 minutes. This a great drink for the winter great, heart warming to drink in front of a fire and a great idea to bring along in a thermos if you decide to have a winter picnic.

Red Wine

red wine

I feel like drinking a glass of red is one of the most guilt free drops of alcohol you can have. It has the potential to make even the least classy bloke in the room a little bit more refined. In the summer months it sometimes gets a little too hot and red wine doesn’t seem like the best way to cool down, winter how ever is a different story, so break out the corkscrew and pour yourself a glass.

Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

For all you non drinkers, designated drivers, recovering alcoholics or those who do not condone the consumption of an irish coffee in the morning, these three are the only way to fly. Be it a pre work cuppa joe, an afternoon tea or  hot chocolate before bed these non-alcoholic drinks have always been and forever will be a classic.

Stay warm, stay classy, rug up and pour yourself a mug or glass on one of these winter friendly drinks this winter.

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Author: Kareem Ghaly

Editor: Ben De Campo

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