The 8 Best Milkman Valentine’s Gifts Your Man

bearded man getting valentines gift

As many of us have come to discover, finding good Valentine's gifts for men is no easy task - especially for those hard-to-buy-for blokes in our lives. 

Though if Valentine’s Day has got you stumped this year, don’t start worrying just yet. Whether you’re shopping for your husband, boyfriend, or any other special guy, here are our picks for the 8 best Valentine’s gifts for men.

3-Piece Beard Renovation Kit | $70.00

Milkman 3 piece reno kit

To kick off our list of the best Valentine’s gifts for men, we have this 3-Piece Beard Renovation Kit. It’s the perfect option for those guys in your life that need an extra hand with their shaving routine or beard-shaping game. 

The pack includes a Clear Shaving Gel (250ml) alongside the Matte Black single blade razor - a mighty combo to help create those straight cheek and neck-lines. There’s also a set of  Beard & Moustache Scissors to tame any fly-away hairs and keep your man looking his very best. 

‘Tac Black’ Double Edge Safety Razor | $60.00

Milkman Tac Black Razor

Swap out those messy and wasteful disposable razors with a premium shaving tool that’ll stick around for the long haul - like this premium, Tac Black Double Edge Safety Razor. It features a solid steel frame and a black titanium finish, with a satisfying 130g weight to provide a stable stroke. 

A high-grade safety razor is the gift that just keeps on giving - they’ll save him money on razors over time, provide closer shaves, and can be much kinder to his skin. A very thoughtful gift indeed. 

Beardrometer Beard Shaper | $14.90 


Milkman Beardrometer

If you’re on the hunt for a smaller gift that’ll surely put a smile on his face, consider the Beardrometer Beard Shaper. This custom tool is perfect for cleaning-up that peach fuzz around the cheeks and on the neck, without the risk that comes with doing it freehand. The Beardrometre is a much more accurate option to make his beard look much cleaner, easily. 

The design features 2 combs with distinct gauges to help with trimming, and a brush for cleaning his shaver afterwards. 

Moustache Rescue Kit | $99.00

Moustache Rescue Kit

Does his ‘tache need a bit of love? If so, this Moustache Rescue Kit contains everything he needs to keep his whiskers looking top-notch. 

The pack includes all the styling tools he’ll ever need for his moustache - including a brush to add volume, deluxe shaping wax to keep everything in-place, a mini mo’ comb for on-the-go adjustments - all packed within a matte black dopp kit. There’s also a clear shaving gel, double edge safety razor, and a set of ‘tache scissors to help tame fly-away hairs and keep the corners looking neat and tidy. 

Leather ‘Tool Kit’ Dopp Bag | $99.00


Milkman Leather Dopp Bag

Whether he needs a spot to store all his toiletries at home or on-the-go, this Leather ‘Tool Kit’ Dopp Bag is the answer. It includes a large main compartment for him to easily access his essentials, with inner and outer side-pockets for quick access. 

Not only does the leather handle make it extremely easily to carry, but it just looks manly as hell. And with a series of durable features throughout the design, this dopp kit will be sure to last.

Essentials Beard-Care Kit | $60.00

Milkman Essentials Kit


The Essentials Beard-Care Kit includes all the basics he’ll need to keep his beard hair feeling soft and looking great. This includes the warm-scented King Of Wood Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, King Of Wood Beard Oil, and a mini pocket comb. 

These essential beard products are all packed within a lavish dopp kit - with your choice of either a black, navy blue, army green, or camo design. 

Advanced Beard-Care Kit | $120.00

Milkman Advanced Kit

If his whiskers are begging for a bit more attention, the Advanced Beard-Care Kit will take care of it. The pack includes everything in the essentials beard-care kit, such as the King Of Wood Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, King Of Wood Beard Oil, and a mini pocket comb. Though on top of this, there’s also the luxurious boar-bristle military beard brush, a pair of beard scissors, and a travel-sized beard balm - perfect for styling and providing his facial hair with a tidier shape

All these products are packed within a durable dopp bag, with a choice of either black, navy blue, or army green colours. 

Ultimate Beard Care Kit | $240.00

Milkman Ultimate Beard Care Kit

There’s no other way to say it - the Ultimate Beard Care Kit is a powerhouse! It takes care of all his grooming and styling needs for the foreseeable future - containing 10 separate products to help him wash, condition, and style his beard. 

This supreme kit includes the King Of Wood Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, 3 bottles of beard oil (each with a different scent), a travel-sized beard balm, moustache wax, the boar-bristle military beard brush, a pair of beard scissors, a pocket comb, and shaving oil. 

This is all accompanied by a stylish canvas dopp bag - with the choice of either army green, matte black, navy blue, or camo designs.  

Choosing great Valentine's gifts for men doesn’t have to be a challenge year after year. With our ideas above, we hope to take a bit of stress out of the gift-buying process - especially for those stubborn hard-to-buy-for blokes. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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