The Best Hair Care Routine for Men

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Achieving a healthy-looking head of hair doesn’t need to be hard, especially with the best hair care routine for men on your side. 

With the right habits and products, guys can protect their hair and nourish the scalp to keep their locks looking and feeling top-notch. Not to mention, your shaping and styling routines will quickly become so much easier. 

Are you looking for ways to elevate your hair-care game? In this post, we’ve shared the best hair care routine for men - check it out. 

Why Do I Need A Haircare Routine?

At this point, you might be wondering - ‘why do I need a hair care routine, anyway?

A good hair care routine will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. With the right habits and products on your side, you can nourish your scalp, soften your hair, and protect it from damage. 

Without these good hair habits, you could open the door to all sorts of issues - including dryness, dandruff, breakages, and more.
So, to keep your hair in tip-top shape, consider setting up your own daily hair-care routine. 

The Best Hair Care Routine For Men

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Below, we’ve listed the best hair care routine for men to try now - ranging from a regular wash to the best hair-styling tips. Take a look! 

Wash Your Hair 

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Any good hair care routine includes a shampoo and conditioner - helping to flush out any dirt or product build-up from our locks. 

Though the real question is - how often should you wash your hair? We’d suggest every 3 days or so. Any more could lead to a dry/ flaky scalp, and any less could lead to an oily scalp. 

Washing your hair every 3 days will leave your hair feeling clean and looking healthy. 

If you’re on the hunt for a premium hair wash, we’d suggest trying this 3-in-1 Gin & Tonic Wash by Milkman. Once applied to the hair, you’ll notice the gel transforms into a thick, foamy lather to remove any sweat, dirt, or build-up. Not to mention, the stunning Gin & Tonic fragrance will gently emanate from your hair all day long. 

Avoid Hot Showers 

Cranking up the water temperature in the shower can be very tempting, especially during those chilling winter months. Though for the sake of your hair, you might want to go easy on the heat. 

Washing with very hot water can cause dryness on the scalp, leading to brittle hair and breakages over time

Instead, stick to a lukewarm temperature - this will help prevent damage and leave your hair looking its best. 

Pat-Dry, Don’t Rub 

Rubbing your hair dry after a shower might be quicker and easier, but it’s not doing you any favours. 

Our hair is weakest when it’s wet, so it’s much more likely to break and damage when we roughly dry it with a towel. Instead, try using a lighter touch.

Grab your towel and try to gently pat-dry your hair. This won’t only lead to fewer breakages, but it’ll also reduce frizz - making your hair much easier to shape and style. 

Use A Pre-Styler 

When it comes to styling and shaping your hair, pre-stylers are easily one of the most underestimated hair-care products.

As the name suggests, pre-stylers lay the groundwork for your hair-styling rituals. They’re applied before pomade to thicken, texturise, protect, smoothen, or soften the hair - adding that extra touch to help you refine your look. 

With all these benefits up for grabs, adding a pre-styling step into your hair-care routine is a no-brainer. 

Invest In A Good Comb 

man using enviro comb recylced hair & beard comb

A premium styling comb is one of those essential products that every good hair-care routine needs. After all, you can’t be expected to style your hair with your fingers.

Styling combs help to fine-tune your look. They’ll help you to precisely shape your hair into your desired style while detangling any knots along with way

This Enviro Comb will make a great addition to your hairstyling routine. This piece features both thick and fine teeth, so it’s great for detangling or precise styling. Plus, it’s made from 100% recycled bottle caps, so it’s also great for the planet. 

A styling routine is only as good as the comb you’ve invested in. 

Shape & Style

To round out your hair-care routine, all you’ll need is the right styling product. Whether you’re using a clay, pomade, or cream - these products work to lock your hair-do into place with a healthy-looking shine to accompany. 

Before choosing a styling product, consider how strong you’d like the hold to be and if you’re looking for a matte or shiny finish. This will point you towards the right styling product for you. 

For example, we’d suggest this Dream Cream Styling Cream by Milkman for guys chasing a lighter hold. You’ll love the way this creamy blend instantly dissolves in your hair, making it much easier to shape and gently lock into place. 

dream cream hair styling cream for men

Not to mention, the delectable whisky barrel, smoke, and ginger scent will make your hair a weapon of mass seduction. 

Though if you need a product with a slightly stronger hold, try this Matte Clay Pomade instead. It offers a medium to high hold to lock your hair-do in place all day long. 

Head to the online store now to browse our entire hair-care range now. 


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