Milkman Grooming Co Viking Beard Vax Officially Launches

Scene from Vikings

Battles, treachery and power creation to celebrate Vikings Season 4, Volume 2

The gripping family saga of Ragnar, Rollo, Lagertha and Bjorn has been used as inspiration for a special limited-edition Milkman Grooming Co Beard Candy™ beard balm pack. The new packaging is designed to celebrate the highly anticipated release of Vikings Season 4 Volume 2 on Blu-ray from the 29 March.

Inspired by the ancient kingdom and the show’s core themes of vengeance, lust and thrilling conquests, Milkman Grooming Co has created unique packaging to support the partnership for their existing and daring product, that brings oceanic and battlefield fragrances to men’s sock draws and bathroom counters.

Heavily influenced by the series, Milkman Grooming Co has ensured every aspect of the design of the packaging is visually stimulating, incorporating clever historical references, themes and scents reminiscent of the Viking age. Allowing men of today and fans of the popular franchise to inject some Viking spirit into their everyday life.

Vikings beard vax by Milkman Grooming Co

The Vikings Beard VAX

Vikings ‘V’ logo

Incorporation on of the show’s emblematic V logo, which reflects key elements of the Norsemen’s life such brotherhood, violence, conflict and craftsmanship.

Beard Balm Container

Specifically designed to resemble a battered brass pedestal, a scaled-down reproduction of the sun board used by Ragnar to navigate across the seas, the container is wrapped in a pouch made of wax-covered linen, in a nod to a torn and ripped sail cloth from a Viking longship.

Linen and Sun Board

Transporting wearers to the shores of Kattegat, the linen and sun board have both been soaked in an oceanic scent.

The Beard Balm

The beard wax encased uses Milkman’s signature Beard Candy™ beard balm which harks to the brotherhood of the bearded community.

The balm contains ingredients which would have been available to Vikings in their local villages such as bees wax, hemp seed oil, cedar wood and olive oil.

The balm’s deep woody scent with an added element of smokiness gives the wearer a masculine aura so strong it’ll make them feel like a Vikings warrior.

The Package

The final packaging has its fair share of battle scars; it’s been scratched, beaten, torn, burnt and is covered in spatters of blood following the aftermath a gory raid.

The limited-edition Beard Vax will be available exclusively at select barber shops:

Grand Royal Barbers - SYDNEY CITY

Shop 2A, 10 Spring St, Sydney, 2000

Grand Royal Barbers - DARLINGHURST

397 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst, Sydney, 2010,

Grand Royal Barbers - SURRY HILLS

381 Riley St, Surry Hills, Sydney, 2010,

The first 15 customers to purchase a beard makeover or trim will receive a copy of the just-launched Vikings Season 4 Part 2 on Blu-ray as well as a Milkman Grooming Co signature Beard Candy™ beard balm in special limited-edition Vikings-inspired packaging.

The Barber Club– Bentleigh

375 Centre rd Bentleigh Vic 3204

The Barber Club– Docklands

95 Merchant street-cnr Bourke Street Docklands, Vic 3008

The first 5 customers to book a beard makeover or trim will receive the service for free as well as a copy of the just-launched Vikings Season 4 Part 2 on Blu-ray plus their own Milkman Grooming Co signature Beard Candy™ beard balm in special limited-edition Vikings-inspired packaging.




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