How to Save Time in the Morning

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How To Save Time In The Morning 

If you struggle getting out the door and off to work on time, learning how to save time in the morning is an essential lesson.

Luckily, it’s a pretty easy process - with a few time-saving grooming hacks by your side, you’ll never have to worry about being late again. 

Want to learn how to save time in the morning? In this article, we’ve listed 10 time-saving grooming hacks that men can use to get ready faster. Take a look! 

Iron Your Clothes In Batches 

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Image: Jimmy going hard with the iron.

Ironing your outfit every single morning can be a major time-killer - to streamline the process, try ironing all your clothes at once. 

Ironing your outfits in a weekly batch will ensure your mornings aren’t riddled with small, time-consuming chores. 

Instead of fiddling around with your clothes every morning, all you need to do is whip out the ironing board next time you’re watching TV. This is one of the easiest ways you can save more time in the morning. 

Organise Your Outfits

Another great way you can learn how to save time in the morning is to organise your outfits the night before. 

Waking up knowing what you’re going to wear will take a lot of the stress out of your morning - helping you to get out of the door much quicker.

Before you go to sleep, take a quick minute to organise your clothes for the next morning. Place them together on your bedside table, or on a bench in the bathroom. That way when you come out of the shower in the morning you can slip right into your outfit.

Grow A Beard 

Tired of shaving your face every morning? Try growing-out your beard instead.

With a beard or short stubble, you won’t need to spend time shaving your face every morning. All you need is a few drops of beard oil or a clump of beard balm to keep your facial hair looking its best. 

Though you might need to tidy your beard lines every few days to maintain a neat appearance, this is still much faster than completely shaving your face. 

Ditch Hot Showers 

If you have a bad habit of staying in the shower for too long, try making the switch to lukewarm or cold showers instead.

Not only are these temperatures much kinder to the skin and scalp, but they’re also much more energising. What better way to start the day?

And since they aren’t as relaxing as hot, steamy temperatures, it’ll be much easier for you to get out of the shower on time. 

Grab A 3-In-1 Body Wash

One of the easiest ways you can save more time in the morning is to get your hands on a 3-in-1 body wash. 

These products wash the skin while also cleansing and conditioning the hair in one easy hit - leaving you with more time to focus on the more important aspects of your morning.

If you’re on the hunt for a premium body wash, we’d suggest picking up this 3-In-1 Body Wash by Milkman. Not only will this wash declutter your shower floor, but it’ll also do wonders for your skin and hair. 

The formula will leave your skin feeling soft and supple by cleansing any dirt away without being too harsh. Once it’s worked into your hair, the gel will transform into a thick lather to remove any sweat or build-up. 

Choose between three cocktail-inspired scents - Whisky & Dry, Gin & Tonic, or Espresso Martini. 

Shave In The Shower (if you don't want a beard) 

Beards have become very popular and many guys have realised the ease of having a beard or stubble instead of shaving each day. But if you really need to shave your face, try bringing your razor into the shower with you to save time. 

Preparing your skin for a shave in-front of the sink can be a time-consuming process - and if you’re not careful, will also mess-up your shirt. 

The steam and warm water will soften your stubble, making it much easier for your razor to quickly plow through. Plus, the water will keep your skin nice and wet, helping to protect from razor bumps and shaving cuts. To make things easier you can buy a small mirror for the shower that uses suction cups to attach somewhere convenient. 

You’ll be left with a much better-looking shave in record time. 

Replace Your Razor Regularly 

While we’re on the topic of shaving, here’s another hot tip. Replacing your razors regularly is essential for guys hoping to speed up their daily shaving routine. 

After all, reusing that dull, old razor isn’t doing you any favours. Blunt blades will tug and pull at your facial hair - causing an uneven shave that demands multiple passes over the skin. Not to mention, it can summon an assortment of skincare issues.

For cleaner, quicker results, you should aim to replace your razor after every 5 or so shaves. 

Use A Moisturising Aftershave 

alcohol free after shave serum

Even if you are in a rush, it’s not worth skipping your post-shave routine. Your skin can’t afford it! 

Aftershaves offer a powerhouse of benefits to freshly shaven skin - helping to soothe, cleanse, and fragrance the skin. That being said, you can speed things up by getting an aftershave that hydrates your skin too. 

These alcohol-free Aftershave Serums will make a great addition to your shaving routine. Created with top-shelf botanicals, you’ll love the way these aftershaves moisturise and soothe your skin post-shave. 

Buy An Electric Toothbrush 

Tired of scrubbing your teeth manually for a sub-par clean? It might be time to pick up an electric toothbrush instead. 

Just a few seconds with the rotating/ pulsing cleaning action can get more scrubbing done per minute than a manual toothbrush. This will provide you with much more cleaning power to keep your teeth healthy and clean in no time at all. 

Plus, the two-minute timer will keep you on track to get out the door on time. 

Choose A Low-Maintenance Hairstyle 

man combing his hair

If you’re committed to streamlining your morning routine, you might consider switching to a low-maintenance hairstyle. 

Certain hair-dos, such as textured fringes, undercuts, or pompadours, require more styling and upkeep - which can be a big time-waster when you’re getting ready. Instead, try changing to a style that doesn’t need as much attention.

Try the crew cut, buzz cut, or cropped hairstyle for a quicker styling routine. 

With these 10 time-saving grooming hacks by your side, learning how to save time in the morning quickly becomes a breeze. If you’re looking for more grooming tips, check out this recent blog post: How To Shave Faster In 8 Steps’. 


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