How To Look After Beard Scissors, Brushes & Combs

bearded man holding a wooden beard comb from Milkman Grooming Co

Many bearded fellas can relate to how regularly we rely on beard scissors, brushes, and combs to keep our whiskers looking good. It seems like we use these products every day to spread beard oil, tame flyaway hairs, and style our facial hair into shape.

With all of these crucial functions, we wouldn’t want to be caught without one of these essential beard grooming items. This is why it’s worth learning how to look after your beard scissors, brushes, and combs. 

After all, who wouldn’t want their grooming gear to last longer?

So, if you want to get the most from your beard grooming gear, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about looking after your beard scissors, brushes, and combs. Check it out! 

Why Care For Your Grooming Care? 

First things first, why should you bother caring for your beard scissors, brushes, and combs? Many benefits come with caring for your grooming gear. We’ve listed a few of these below! 

Longer Lasting

One of the core reasons to look after your beard scissors, brushes, and combs is to improve their lifespan. With the proper care, your beard gear can last years - saving you a lot of time shopping for replacements. 

More Value

If that’s not convincing enough, looking after your grooming gear can save you money in the long run. Because your scissors, combs, and brushes are lasting longer, there’s no need for you to reinvest in these products as often - giving you more value. Your wallet will thank you.

More Effective

With the proper care, your beard gear can also be a lot more effective. After all, we can’t blame our blunt scissors or clogged brushes for not working properly when they’re in poor condition. 

How To Look After Beard Scissors, Brushes & Combs

man holding black wooden double edge safety razor

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the good stuff. Learn how to look after your beard scissors, brushes, and combs with these simple tips below!

Clean Regularly 

One of the most meaningful things you can do to maintain your beard gear is to clean them regularly. After all, with the amount of work we put them through, they need a bit of cleaning from time to time to remove any built-up debris. 

You’ll need to clean your beard brushes about once a week, using warm water. Run the water over the bristles without wetting the wooden base. For a deeper clean, gently massage a shampoo into the bristles - this will cleanse any excess beard oil or loose hairs stuck in the brush. 

For beard combs, you’ll need to use your fingers to cleanse between the teeth. Use soap to bust any dirt. Also, turn the tap to a stronger setting to force out any debris. Try to do this as quickly as possible to limit the amount of time the comb is in the water.

To clean your beard scissors, all you need to do is wipe the blades with a paper towel to clear any hair away - using alcohol to sanitise. 

Keep Them Dry 

Now that your grooming gear is looking nice and clean, you’ll need to keep them dry. 

To a certain degree, the cleansing process does involve some water - so you can’t just throw your scissors, combs, and brushes in a draw (not yet at least). 

Before you put them away, make sure you wipe them down with a towel to ensure they’re dry. As for the beard brush, wrap the bristles in a towel to effectively dry overnight.

Store Them Properly 

Caring for your beard scissors, brushes, and combs also means that you’ll need to provide the proper storage. 

Avoid storing your grooming gear in wet, humid environments - such as the bathroom. As easy as it may be, it can have a poor impact on your gear over time. 

Instead, find a dry location with better ventilation - whether it’s in a bedside table, dresser, anything in between. 

Beard Scissors, Beard Brushes, & Beard Combs By Milkman 

Has all this talk about beard scissors, brushes, and combs got you excited? We wouldn’t blame you. Below, we’ve listed our favourite beard gear to help you on your journey - take a look!

Premium Beard & Moustache Trimming Scissors

If you’re on the hunt for some deluxe beard scissors, we’d suggest checking out these Premium Beard & Moustache Trimming Scissors. With a sleek black titanium finish, brass finger rest, and adjustable pivot screw, these beard scissors were built to last the long haul. 

Who knew that trimming your whiskers could look so damn good? 

Military Beard Brush 

military beard brush held by bearded man

For guys chasing a quality beard brush, take a look at the Military Beard Brush by Milkman. The piece is built specifically for taming short to medium beards - with medium stiffness and a luxurious wooden body.

Guys, it doesn’t get much manlier than this. 

Wooden Beard Comb

Looking for a beard comb to add to your grooming arsenal? You can’t look past this Wooden Beard Comb - it’s built to bust tangles and look good doing so. 

The thick, high-profile teeth will leave your facial hair smooth like butter - perfect for stroking when a serious thought hits. 


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