How To Find A Good Barber 

How To Find A Good Barber 

For guys that are passionate about their hair, learning how to find a good barber is an essential lesson. 

Though with such a wide range of potential barber shops to choose from, trying to find the perfect barber might seem a little intimidating - though it doesn’t need to be. With a few tips up your sleeve, the process becomes much easier. 

Want to learn how to find a good barber? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know when choosing a barber. Find out more below. 

What Makes A Good Barber?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s cover the basics - what makes a good barber? Here’s what you need to consider when switching barbers. 


First and foremost, you’re going to want to find a barber with skill and years of training. 

The results of experienced, properly trained barbers will speak for themselves. They have next-level attention to detail that’ll leave you with a superior cut. 

Customer Service

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Next, you’ll need to consider a barbershop’s customer service record. 

Do they stick to their advertised hours? Do customers typically enjoy their experience in-store? Are the staff friendly and helpful?

You can gain a better understanding of a barbershop's customer service experience by reading online reviews or visiting a store for yourself. 


Professionalism and experience aren't the only factors you’ll need to consider. To find the perfect barber for you, you’re also going to need to consider convenience. 

How easy is it for you to get a haircut? Where is your barber located? If it’s difficult trying to find the time to book an appointment or if it takes too long to drive to your barber, you might need to consider finding somewhere that’s a little closer. 

If convenience is important to you, consider searching your local area when finding your perfect barber. 

How To Find A Good Barber 

Are you ready to learn how to find a good barber? Here are 5 simple tips to ease you through the process. 

Search Your Local Area 

The first thing you’ll need to do when finding the perfect barber is to search your local area. 

Fortunately, this step is very straightforward - start by making a list of the various barbershops in your neighbourhood as potential candidates. This process has become as easy as ever, especially with tools like Google. 

Search for barbershops in various surrounding suburbs to get started. 

Read Online Reviews 

Once you’ve made a list of potential barbershops, you can now start reading their online reviews. This will help you to gain a better understanding of local barbershops from a customer’s perspective - so you can narrow down your search for the perfect barber. 

Start by making a list of barbershops in your local area, using tools like Google or Facebook. Then, take some time to read what their customers have to say about their experience in-store.

The more reviews a barbershop has, the better you’ll understand their typical customer experience. It’s impossible for everything you read to be glowingly positive, but reading both good and bad reviews will paint a better picture. 

Ask For Recommendations 

Asking for recommendations or referrals is one of the best things you can use to find a new barber quickly and easily. 

If you’ve got a friend with stellar hair, then ask them where they get it cut. More often than not, they’ll be happy to offer a recommendation to their barber.

Otherwise, if your current barber is aware that you’re on the hunt for a new one, consider asking for their recommendation. Barbers tend to be well connected, with networks extending to the surrounding suburbs (if not further). Plus, your barber already knows how you like it cut, so they can offer a referral to someone with a similar skill set.

Consider The Logistics 

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few potential barbershops, take a moment to consider the logistics when booking an appointment. 

Where is this barber located? How long will it take you to travel there? If the barbershop is located too far away, you might not have the time to make the journey every time you’d like a cut. 

You’ll also need to consider their opening hours. Are they open on weekends too? What days would you typically visit your barber? Especially if you prefer getting a trim on weekends, you’ll need to take this into account. 

Visit The Barbershop

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The final step of finding a good barber is to actually visit the barbershop. After all, you can only get so much information online. 

Book an appointment to see if you enjoy the experience and atmosphere. Also, talk with the barber, explain to them what you’re looking for, and see how you get along. 

If you vibe with each other, enjoy your experience, and are happy with the results, book another appointment when you’re ready for a fresh cut. 


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