How To Apply Clay Pomade

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For guys hoping to take their hair-do to the next level, learning how to apply clay pomade is well-worth your time. After all, these particular hair-styling products can offer a powerhouse of unique features that waxes, gels, and creams simply can’t compete with.  

The best part? Adding a clay pomade into your hair-care routine couldn’t be easier. 

Are you ready to learn how to apply clay pomade? In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about getting started with a clay pomade - take a look! 

What Is Clay Pomade? 

Let’s kick things off with the basics - what is clay pomade? 

Clay pomade is a popular hair-styling product for men. These products work to subtly alter the shape and texture of the hair - making it easier to style and hold in place. 

These products provide a medium to high hold, with a matte finish. Because of this, clay pomade is great for creating a natural-looking hairstyle

Why Use A Matte Clay Pomade? 

What are the benefits of choosing a matte-clay pomade over a wax, cream, or gel? Below, we’ve listed a few benefits that clay pomade can deliver. 

Natural Look

Unlike gel or water-based pomades, clay won’t provide the hair with a high shine. The product provides a subtle, matte finish - making it the perfect choice for blokes chasing a more natural look.  

Firm Hold

If you’re chasing a styling product with enough hold to create a classic hair-do, but still want a natural look, clay pomade is the answer. These products typically offer a medium to strong hold, perfect for creating slick backs, side parts, and pompadours. 

More Volume

One of the best things about clay pomade is that it’s great at adding more volume to any hairstyle. Because the clay tends to expand when it interacts with water, it adds more mass to your hair and will allow you to shape it in ways that you simply couldn’t with other styling options. 

How To Apply Clay Pomade 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the good stuff. Learn how to apply clay pomade with this simple 5-step routine below! 

Start With Clean, Dry Hair 

When it comes to applying a clay pomade, it’s always best to start with a clean canvas. 

Before applying the product, make sure you’ve washed out any product that has previously been applied. This will give the hair more volume and will prevent product build-up. 

Once your hair is completely dry, you can start applying your pomade. 

A Dime-Sized Amount 

How much pomade should you be using exactly? It’s important not to go overboard with these products, otherwise, it can weigh down the hair and seriously downgrade your look. 

When applying a clay pomade, all you need is a dime-sized dollop. This amount will allow you to reap the most benefits from a hair-styling product, without putting too much weight on the hair strands.  

If you need to add more clay, you can do so later. 

Warm It Up

Before you start running your hands through your hair, you’re going to need to warm up the clay in your hands. 

Once you’ve got a dime-sized amount, rub your hands together to evenly coat the inside of your palms and fingers. This will make it so much easier to evenly work and style the clay pomade into your hair. 

Coat The Hairs

It's time to coat your hair with clay pomade - you’ll need to start from the roots and work your way out to the ends. 

This technique will help you to evenly spread the product and stop it from clumping. Once you’ve coated the top of your head, you can focus on the back and sides. 

Style With A Comb

Now that your hair is evenly coated with the clay pomade, it’s time to start styling. Grab a styling comb to shape and lock your hair-do into place. This will also continue to evenly spread out the pomade.

For a neat, polished appearance, you can leave your hair alone after using the comb. Or, if you’d like to add more texture to the hair, try running your fingers through it. 

Matte Clay Pomade by Milkman 

Are you eager to start styling with a clay pomade? If so, try this next-level Matte Clay Pomade by Milkman

matte clay pomade

This product is a serious game-changer. The creamy formula glides through and dissolves in the hair with ease - styling and shaping couldn’t be any easier. The pomade leaves behind a matte finish, making it the perfect choice for blokes chasing a natural look. 

Though our absolute favourite thing about this clay pomade has to be the ingredients. It contains collagen amino, MCT oil, Kakadu plum extract, and more to leave you with stronger, healthier hair. 

Head over to the online store and check out this Matte Clay Pomade


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