How Often Should You Groom? Part 2 - Weekly Grooming Routines for Men

How Often Should You Groom? Part 2 - Weekly Grooming Routines for Men

Part 1 of this blog series focused on male grooming rituals that should be done daily. In part 2, the focus will be on weekly grooming processes. The following processes should really only be done on a weekly basis to allow your skin and hair to revive and restore itself naturally.

Beard Care

  • Trim Your Beard

Facial hair grows at different rates, and by the end of the week, you’ll probably find some hairs have grown longer than the majority of the growth. Weekly trimming is important for healthy growth and achieving a fuller looking beard. By cutting stray hairs and removing split ends on a weekly basis you are ensuring that you maintain your beard style.

If you are unsure how to trim your beard then visit our beard trimming guide to optimise your beard trimming technique. 

Skin Care

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes all the dead skin and built up dirt and grime that can’t be removed with a general face wash. An exfoliant will break down the sticky oils and dislodge contaminants, allowing fresh skin cells to be released underneath.

This process should be done on a weekly basis as exfoliation cleanses very deep and removes the top layer of skin cells. Doing this on daily basis will strip your skin of moisture, not allowing it rejuvenate resulting in dry, flaky skin.

  • Tone

Toning products such as Witch Hazel are natural astringents, meaning they tighten up the pores resulting in tighter, looking skin. Toning will detoxify the skin by removing smoke, smog and other chemical residues that have built up on your face. It will shrink and tighten pores curbing future build-up of dirt in your skin. Also by removing this oily residue, you are reducing the acne causing bacteria that thrives in this environment, thus reducing the chance of breakouts. 

        Important note: Make sure you re-hydrate the skin after exfoliation and toning.

Hair Care

  • Wash Hair

Washing your hair not only cleans it from the dirt and debris that gets accumulated in everyday life, but also strips away the build up oils that your scalp produces. Too much of this oil is not ideal and gives your hair a greasy look, but what gets overlooked is that these natural oils are really important for your hair’s health. These natural oils absorb into the hair to give it strength and a healthy colour. The absorption of oils also makes it easier to style your hair.

Shampoos are quite strong, and daily washing will make your hair feeling brittle, dry and can increase the number of split-ends. 

After a week, washing the scalp will remove excess oil build-up, leaving your hair looking healthy.

Be sure to comb your hair daily. This will ensure an even distribution of these oils. Another advantage of combing is that it helps exfoliate your scalp removing loose hair and dead skin cells, and increase the blood flow to the area promoting healthy hair and skin growth. 

These weekly routines are just the small things that will give you the added confidence and keep you #freshbetweentheears.

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