Fun Facts for Pogonologists (Beard Lovers)

smart bearded man with beard facts

That's someone who is seen as an expert in beards, in case you were wondering. When talking to people, slowly stroking your beard will certainly make you seem somewhat pogonologistic. Okay - you might already have guessed that we're not going to be too serious here, but read on to find out much more about beards and those who wore them...

Alexander the Great

...liked to have his troops shave their beards before battle so they couldn't be grabbed from behind by enemy hand-to-hand combatants. His men preferred to keep them as they were, believing this showed fearlessness. Something to consider the next time you're going to ask your boss for a pay rise!?

Abraham Lincoln

...was the first US president to grow a beard. This was apparently recommended by a young girl who wrote to him advising that he would look much more impressive as his face was so long and thin. 

Challenging someone to a duel often shown in movies as a slap across the face with a glove. However, back in in the middle ages, if you touched another man's beard this was considered an offensive act, seeming to doubt either their honour or virility. We hope this didn't apply to barbers, as there wouldn't be much in the way of job security!

Beard Oil

Up until the last half decade or so, most people probably hadn't even heard of beard oil, but now it is a essential item for the modern day beardsman. There's no better way to soften, nourish, protect & fragrance your luscious beard. Although the technology, quality & aroma of beard oil has never been better, it actually has a long history, most likely dating back to Ancient Mesopotamia (Babylon). Back then beard oil was made from sesame seeds.

The Vandyke Beard

Named after Sir Anthony of that ilk. An artist in the early years of the sixteenth century, he became well known for his paintings of the aristocrats of the day with beards which came to a point. Throughout the century, it was not unknown for men to try and come up with variations, such as a forked beard.

Shaving Time

The one thing we all have a finite amount of is time. Thankfully the daily maintenance of a beard doesn't take long. Perhaps the occasional wash with a beard shampoo, finishing with a beard balm or oil. Compare this to shaving. Let's be conservative & say shaving only takes 5 minutes a session. If you do this most days of the year & take it over 70 years you're looking at 1000-3000 hours of time you could have spent enjoying your lush beard!

Sir Thomas More

...was about to be executed on the orders of King Henry VIII. This was to be by beheading. Just before the axe fell, it is alleged that Sir Thomas pulled his lengthy beard to one side to protect it from the blade, commenting that 'It had never committed any treason'. It wasn't just being married to Old Henry that was a hazardous occupation! 

And on that cheery note

...we'll end this quick dash through some interesting facts and stories about beards. As we know you'll want to take great care of yours, we're sure that our wide range of Milkman Grooming shaving and grooming products will prove to be at least as interesting as the above information!

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