From Zero to Hero: the 5 Stages of Growing a Beard

bearded man on beardy street

So you’ve never grown a beard before. Maybe you’re a young guy excited by his first attempt, or an older man wanting to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe you’re curious, and perhaps a little nervous about what’s to come. Will it be bushy? Will it be patchy? Will it be your claim to fame?

Growing a beard can seem daunting, but with some commitment and our help, you’ll be a hairier man in no time.

Stage 1: The beginning

Just sit back, relax and let those hairs on your face grow. Don’t trim, pluck or pick at them. Trimming too early leads to patchiness. Give it some time to properly judge your lines. At this point, your family, friends and co-workers won't be able to determine whether the growth is intentional or you’re just too lazy to shave. 

Stage 2: The awkward stage

This usually occurs after 2-3 weeks of growth. You do have a beard, but it’s not what you expected. It may be uneven, have gaps or be patchy. This is the first major challenge, and at this stage most beards get shaved. Have patience, it will get better. If you’re worried about your appearance at work, this is a good time to have a trim.

Stage 3: The itch

The itchiness you feel is completely normal and caused by sharp edges left by your razor. Now’s the perfect time to use beard oil, or beard balm. Yes, they are real, and yes, they help. The oils in these products soften the hair, moisturise your face, minimise beard dandruff and promote beard health.

Stage 4: The tough guy

At around 4 months the beard really comes to life and you’ll get a good gauge of your genetic pattern of beard growth. Shape and style your facial hair, and invest in a barber cut. 

Stage 5: The peacock

You no longer consider yourself a tough guy, because let’s face it… your beard is now a work of art. And it feels great!

The glory is yours, my friend. Enjoy it.

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