Are Disposable Razors Bad For The Environment?

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A popular question we often hear is are disposable razors bad for the environment?’

Disposable razors have been around since the early 70s and are widely used for their convenience. Though the materials they’re made from, as well as their single-use nature, have left many people questioning their impact on the environment.

Are disposable razors bad for the environment? The short answer is yes.

In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about disposable razors and their negative impact on our planet. We’ve even suggested an eco-friendly alternative for anyone keen to make the switch. Find out more people.

What Are Disposable Razors?


Let’s start with the basics - what are disposable razors?

Disposable razors, otherwise known as cartridge razors, are single-use or limited-use shaving products. They typically contain 2 to 7 blades held in a plastic case and handle. 

They’re used to effectively remove facial and body hair. Though, when the blades become clogged or dull, the entire razor is thrown away and replaced.

Are Disposable Razors Bad For The Environment?

polluted environment with lots of waste

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s answer that popular question - are disposable razors bad for the environment? 

Yes, disposable razors are bad for the environment due to the materials they’re made from. The actual blades themselves will rust away to nothing, though the main concern is the plastic casing and handle. These materials aren’t biodegradable, which means they sit in landfills for hundreds of years, unable to break down. 

Disposable razors are also bad for the planet due to their single-use nature. Unlike safety razors, disposable razors have a limited lifespan before they’re thrown away. Once they’re disposed of, you can either buy another set of razors and repeat the wasteful process or break the cycle by purchasing a safety razor. 

What Are Safety Razors?

Milkman quality safety razor


So, what are safety razors exactly? And what makes them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable razors?

Safety razors are a much more traditional shaving tool and have been widely used since the late 1800s. They were invented to decrease the skill level needed for a flawless shave, which in-turn reduced people’s dependency on a professional barber. 

These tools typically feature stainless steel or wooden frames, with a small space in the head for a single blade to be inserted. 

Many benefits come with using a safety razor. For example, they provide a closer shave, are better for sensitive skin, and are much more cost-effective. Though to top it off, they are also much better for the environment.

Why Are Safety Razors Better For The Environment?

 At this point, you might be wondering - ‘why are safety razors better for the environment?’ 

Below, we’ve listed a few eco-friendly benefits of adding a safety razor to your grooming kit. Take a look! 


 Unlike disposable razors, safety razors are designed to stick around for years at a time (instead of days). They’re typically made from durable stainless steel, which means you can continue to shave with these products for years. 

The long lifespan of these products means that you won’t need to buy razors as frequently, which will also save you money in the long run. 


 Another great benefit of safety razors is that they aren’t made from any plastic. 

As we mentioned above, safety razors are typically made from durable stainless steel which is known to be very sustainable. This is because it usually contains a high volume of recycled content.

This material is also rust-resistant and has a very long life span - meaning that they don’t need to be replaced very often (unlike their disposable counterparts). 

Low Waste 

 Another great feature of safety razors is that they’re an extremely low waste product. 

When a disposable razor becomes dull, you’ll usually need to throw away 2 to 7 blades as well as the plastic casing and handle. This is quite wasteful, especially since this includes a lot of non-biodegradable plastic that’s only been used a handful of times. 

With safety razors, the only thing you’ll need to replace regularly is a single blade - which will decompose in a landfill. 

Eco-Friendly Razors By Milkman Grooming 


Milkman shaving products

Are you on the hunt for an eco-friendly razor to add to your grooming kit? We’d suggest checking out this Double Edge Safety Razor by Milkman Grooming.

This razor can handle anything you throw at it. With a high-grade stainless steel head and matte black handle, you can enjoy re-using this elegant piece for years to come. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, as it comes in a recyclable transparent box. 

Not to mention, this piece provides an outstanding shaving experience and is great for creating those neat beard lines. It’s no wonder this razor is becoming more and more popular among shaving enthusiasts. 

Head to the online store to try this safety razor for yourself. 


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