5 Products Every Man Needs in his Facial Hair Collection

5 Products Every Man Needs in his Facial Hair Collection

From perfectly styled beards to a shave that is smooth and easy every time, grooming your facial hair is impossible without the right facial hair styling tools. These products are the backbone of maintaining your styled beard, and to speed up your morning routine. In this article, we divulge the essentials every beard lover should have and the necessities every man needs for his morning shave.

bearded man doing a cheek line up with double edge razor

A quality razor

Choosing a razor is highly personal; the best razor for you should suit the sensitivity of your skin, the frequency of how often you shave, and the style of handle you prefer. Taking the time to find the best razor for your skin will improve your shave and beard styling immensely, as you will find it easier and quicker to complete your morning rituals. Quality razors are easy to identify; while the price isn't always a factor, disposable razors aren't designed to last you more than one or two shaves, and razors made from low-grade materials will feel coarse and painful.

The eco movement is also having a bit impact on razor choice. Those in the know are moving towards cut throat razors & double edge safety razors that use high quality replaceable blades that don't use plastic & how a lower waste / carbon foot print. They also look cool & are fun to use. 

shirtless man with clear shave gel

Shaving lubricant

After shaving in the shower, or just with water applied to the face, you will know how challenging the shaving process is without specific lubricant. Shaving lubricants, such as gels and oils, allow the razor to glide smoothly across the face without aggravating the delicate facial skin. Applying your lubricant with an applicator, as opposed to your hand, means you don't spread any oils from your palms and fingers to your freshly cleansed skin, which ultimately avoids clogged pores and ingrown hairs.

man trimming beard with electric saw

Beard trimmer

Your razor isn't sufficient enough to cut through long hair, especially during the beard growth phase, and you will need quick management of the uneven ends. Electric trimmers are perfect for cleaning up lengthier patches of hair without shaving off the hair entirely. Razors don't offer the flexibility of trimmers, so this is an essential tool for longer beards and maintaining growth. To accompany any trimmer, we always recommend a comb to de-tangle longer hairs and to promote growth during the initial phase. If you're in a relationship, you might also consider a beard apron to keep those hairs out of your basin.

Bearded man with gentle facial hair cleanser

Facial cleanser

One of the most neglected steps of shaving and maintaining a healthy beard is attending to the skin underneath the hair. Your face naturally attracts environmental pollutants and can become very easily clogged. Combined with the natural oils of the skin, your pores and skin are susceptible to irritation if not properly cleansed and hydrated. Irritated skin can result in ingrown hairs throughout the beard and extreme shaving difficulties. With the use of a cleanser suited to your skin type, and a moisturiser to balance your skin's deficiencies, attending to your facial hair will be much easier to groom.

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