Frequently Asked Beard Balm Questions

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Australian Made

Our beard balm is made in the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Coconut Oil

Very similar in characteristics to your skin's natural oils. It is one of the most absorptive oils so it soaks in & strengthens the follicles without leaving you greasy.


A natural wax that adds a light hold & assists in making our beard balm easily spreadable & distributed evenly across the beard.

Avocado Oil

Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E & beta carotene. Not derived from seeds but pressed from the pulp of the avocado flesh. It is monosaturated & great for the skin.

Olive Oil

Traditionally used for skin & hair care, olive oil is nutrient rich & deeply conditioning.

Jojoba Oil

Rich in vitamin E which is a potent anti-oxidant. It is made up of long, narrow molecules that have a natural affinity to skin for deep moisturisation.

Carnauba Wax

A hard plant-based wax that aids in giving the beard balm some hold & keep those fly-away beard hairs in check.

Camellia Oil

High in oleic acid & rich in vitamins A, B & E which provide anti-oxidant & germicidal properties. Traditionally used in Japan to nourish & condition the hair & skin.

Argan Oil

Traditionally used as a skin treatment in native Moroccan cultures for its healing & moisturising properties for skin & hair.

Hemp Seed Oil

Cold pressed & packed with essential fatty acids, making it very nourishing for the beard.


We use a carefully chosen formulation of fragrance ingredients that we develop in-house to ensure your beard will get noticed.

Natural Vitamin E

An amazing anti-oxidant, vitamin E also helps to preserve the beard oil so that it lasts you longer, even with repeated exposure to oxygen.

Precipitated Silica

A non-toxic mineral powder we use to keep the beard balm stable across a variety of temperatures & environmental conditions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Good entry product

Good entry product if you’re not sure which balm to get. Get to sample a few!

Fraser W
Game changer

Absolutely love this product! Has made my beard so much smoother! The scent is amazing!

katina Saint-leone
Travel pack beard balm

I brought this as gift for my partner he loves the milkman products but always sticks to one scent so when he opened this gift to his surprise it was 3 different scents he has used all 3 he still has a clear favourite but I love all the scents on him they make his bead look and feel so much more healthy than it was before

Mike Hoshki
Works well and smells great!

It's a great little samples box to try 3 of the flavours. They are pocket sized. My beard gets softer and is easier to style when I use the balm and I get comments on how great they smell.


As always, this company never lets me down. Well done guys🫡