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Andrew C.
Military Brush with Nylon Brushes

I think the brush is fantastic. It suits my style of beard and is much softer than anticipated. It has genuinely been pleasant against my face and neck.The size of the brush was also a plus, it's small enough to be portable but not too bulky in a carry bag amongst my other products and brushes.

Love the culture behind the brand, cheers.

Jasmine P.
Military Brush Nylon Bristle

The brush is great, it’s not too coarse on the skin but it works really effectively on the beard. Comfortable to hold in hand, too.

Haddocks W.
Greasy brush!

Nice brush that is soft and ideal for frequent use throughout the day. Best to use the boars hair brush to tame the wilderness first and then follow up with this brush.

Roberto C.
Soft but effective

Great product, fits firmly into the hand, soft on the face but hard on the hair

Chad S.
2 in 1 Beard Shampoo and conditioner

Thanks to Milkman my wife is now happy for me to keep my beard. The 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner has made it softer to touch.
An extra bonus is the scent.

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