Cotton Face Towel
Cotton Face Towel Cotton Face Towel
$15.00 AUD

So you’ve just hopped out of the shower and you want to shave your face. You shave with a clean razor, using a gel designed for sensitive skin, you wash your face with cool water to remove excess gel and then you reach for a dirty used towel. At that point you might as well be cleaning your face with dirt and grime. Your skin is at it’s most vulnerable post shave, so why would you expose it to a dirty breeding ground that you have washed your body with? Your face is what most people see so why not treat it well and clean it with its very own 100% cotton towel? Your face will fresher, cooler and cleaner and you’ll reduce the chance of getting red bumps and infections.

There is something therapeutic and yet masculine about the shaving process. But there's something wrong with ending your shave or beard cleaning session by wiping with your girlfriend's pink towel. 

One of the best styling tools for your beard & moustache is actually a towel. Towel drying is the first step and foundation for which you begin to style. Drying your hair in a uniform direction allows you to lengthen and straighten your facial hairs, making your beard appear fuller & easier to style when you apply product.