Beard Oil & Shampoo Combo
$50.00 AUD


Are you serious about your beard but don’t know how or where to start your grooming collection? This combo is provides the foundation for a truly clean and lustrous beard. This duo will give you a double shot of your favourite Milkman fragrance & put you in an amazing mood every time you use them.

If you're not sure what to get your boyfriend, dad, partner or bearded lover you will win their love or with this brilliant combo that will fragrance, soften & rejuvenate their beard. The added bonus is that you will love it too, snuggling up to a clean, fragrant & lustrous beard will make an evening of “Netflix and Chill” all the more exciting. 

Sometimes quality can be hard to come by. Our products (including the labels) are made & formulated in Australia with love by bearded craftsmen with a passion for quality. Be that guy (or gal) who always finds the best gear.