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We produce high quality products for our AWESOME customers.  Here are a small portion of the testimonials and comments they have provided us with.  If you too have purchased the Milkman products and love them, shoot us an email about it , we would love to hear from you!  Please send us an email at admin@milkmanaustralia.com.  Here are some testimonials from our customers.

'Just emailing you to say 'Thank-You'!
I started using Milkman products only a few weeks ago and due to my experience, I won't be looking back!
My beard is the healthiest and the softest it has ever been, with noticeable changes, in which I have received positive comments from many people!
You've just earned a life customer!
Again, Thank You!'
Matt 01-05-2016

'Thanx guys I just bought this is amazing stuff can't wait to get mou
stache wax and brush and beard brush I have the comb but not in the pic thanx again so excited for this stuff.' Rustay JustDefqon'It Flint 22-01-2016

'I think there's something in this for everyone... Though, my little bit of (will groomed) fluff barely rates.' 
Dan Goodes 18-01-2016

'I just got one of your packs for chrissy and I love it ... the balm and oil are fantastic .. I have a pretty big beard and its lookin fine lol.'
 Dave Holmes 28-12-2015 

'You guys have the badass beard products.'
 Dale Donaldson 03-12-2015

‘Growing out my beard, I struggled to find something which tames the facial locks, smelt great and was easy to use. Till I discovered the beard balm from Milkman Australia. Smelling fantastic and easy to use, the beard balm solved my problems and left me feeling and looking fantastic. I'll be back for more and more and more…’
- S Potter 11-8-14

‘My beard can often get a bit scraggly when it is longer. After an application of beard balm it smooths it out and makes it look sharp. As I work in a professional office ....this is very handy.’ - L Kirby 11-8-14

‘Chai Latte beard oil is superb. I highly recommend this purchase it will not disappoint’- L Gale 11-8-14

‘I was lost but now I am found......love the beard oil, still wondering what I did without it.’ - S Roberts 11-8-14

‘Great fast service. They helped me tame my beard, and they know their beard oils.’ - D Bond 11-8-14‘I purchased from your site, and within days it came in the mail. It smell's awesome and it makes my long beard soft ! I use it every day, can’t live without it!!’ – M Bishop 10-8-14

‘Best beard oil to date. Cinnamon beard? What more could you want.’ – J Ross 10-8-14

‘The Milkman Beard range is fantastic. Along with the 2 in 1 wash, the oils made my beard smell and feel wonderful. They are not too heavy and the scents are pleasant, but not overpowering. A great brand and you get heaps for a very reasonable price. I have used other brand's oils for a while, but will only shop Milkman from now on.’ ‘ M Stubbings 10-8-14

For years I struggled with beard dandruff. I tried soap, shampoo, but nothing would work. I even considered getting rid of my beard, but thanks to Milkman's beard wash and range of beard oils; I have a clean, dandruff free, manly scented beard. Thanks Milkman’ – A Craig  10-8-14

‘Some fantastic beard balm, generous portions and great smelling, I'll be back for more as my beard demands!’ - P McCallum 10-8-14

‘Its great to see some aussie's supplying good..... nah great! Men’s grooming products. It’s such a stigma that men shouldn’t spend time grooming and washing lol but with excellent products like king of wood it definitely brings your manliness to a whole new level. With the help from milkman I now walk around feeling like mufasa....’ N Owen 10-8-14

‘Up to my second order of Milkman beard oil and shampoo. My beard is much softer and looks thicker too. I've been inspired to grow a more full beard knowing I can keep it in top condition with Milkman. Highly recommended.’ A Gow 10-8-14

'After just a couple of days of use my husband's beard smells absolutely amazing and looks awesome too...even after a full day of landscaping :-) thanks guys, you're the best!!!' - C Reid  22-Jul-14

'Item as described excellent!!!!' - ilgranto
22-Jul-14 12:24 MILKMAN - 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Premium Beard Wash) 

'Awesome service! Needed my parcel quickly and they delivered!! Superb!!! ' - **kage78** 
22-Jul-14 10:21 Milkman 2 in 1 beard wash + Beard oil Premium - Myrrh 

'Love your oils! I've been looking for years to find this type/quality!!! Very Happy..:-)' A Smith 21-Jul-14

'Great seller great product great service' - 0428lunatic00  
21-Jul-14 10:44 Milkman Shave Oil - RAZOR RAIL (50mL) Sandalwood scent 

'Fantastic products, good prices and wonderful service!' - B Hutton-Potts 20-Jul-14

'Super quick postage, goods as described. Good communication AAAAAAAAAA+++++++' - palaisdementhe 
03-Jul-14 21:44 MILKMAN Aust - 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Premium Beard Wash) 

'Thanks my beard is happier now :)' - xxhardcorekid86xx 
21-Jun-14 16:41 MILKMAN Sydney - 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Premium Beard Wash)

'Just received my Beard Candy Beard Balm. I think you've just replaced My other Beard Oils etc. Super impressed. Great smell too. And thanks for the little extra something in the parcel!' - A Wright
30-Jun-14 Purchased Pre-Order Beard Candy Beard Balm

Very happy with purchase, Will be buying from again. Thanks :-) - dragar 
04-Jun-14 16:39 Milkman Aust. 2 in 1 beard wash + Beard oil Bergamot & Citrus

'I've been using the 2 in 1 beard shampoo & conditioner for a few days now and I'm very impressed. My beard is much softer, feels and looks clean, smells good and most importantly it has stopped my beard from itching and flaking. Cheers Milkman Australia, great product' - Kyle Jones
31-May-14 MILKMAN Australia- 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Premium Beard Wash)

Perfect all round! Very happy! - *smoocho8* 
24-May-14 09:39 Milkman 2 in 1 beard wash + Beard oil Bergamot & Citrus 

Awesome! And Fast Shipping too!! - next.jerseys 
20-May-14 14:03 MILKMAN Australia- 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Premium Beard Wash)

Amazing beard oil as always. My fav - jaredjones666  17-May-14 20:56 MILKMAN AUST. BEARD OIL 3 PACK

Thanks for the beard oil! It arrived today and I have to say that I am very impressed, great product. -Mike
14-May-14 MILKMAN- Chai Latte

I received my milkman products last week and the are truly fantastic! I love the fragrance, the feel of the oils are great and the shampoo and conditioner is A1! I'm so happy with my purchases, thanks to you both, top products !!!! Brad McBell
12-May-14 - MILKMAN 2 in 1, Chai Latte beard oil, shave oil, shave gel, facial gel with dragons blood

Thanks for the product guys. The 2 in 1 works better than any other 2 in 1 combination known to mankind. The chai latte have brought life back to my beard and leaves an aroma that not only I like but also my wife. Thanks again - A Yeo 
9-May-14 - MILKMAN 2 in 1 beard shampoo & conditioner

Awesome, the chai latte oil smells amazing (benjkb21) 
29-Apr-14 17:52 MILKMAN Sydney BEARD OIL 3 PACK 

Fantastic product, extremely happy customer :) will be happy to shop again A+  (mystik embrace) 
16-Apr-14 14:46 MILKMAN Beard Oil -50 mL, Myrrh vetiver, sweet orange, hemp seed & jojoba oil

Great seller and great product. Would definitely buy from again! Thanks!  (thegreatestlocustonearth) 
08-Apr-14 16:48 MILKMAN Aust BEARD OIL (50 mL) - bergamot citrus - with jojoba & tamanu

Great product. My hairy man loves it. And he smells like cookies! :D (caity180_123) 
08-Apr-14 09:01 MILKMAN BEARD OIL with jojoba & tamanu (50 mL / 1.7 fl. oz.)

Happy with transaction, would recommend (watties999)
06-Apr-14 01:41 MILKMAN BEARD OIL (50 mL) - bergamot citrus - with jojoba & tamanu

Wicked mob, great speed postage now my beard is silky smooth (a phipp) 
31-Mar-14 10:47 MILKMAN Beard Oil -50 mL, Myrrh vetiver, sweet orange, hemp seed & jojoba oil 

Hi There, I have your Beard Oil (50 mL) - Myrrh, vetiver & sweet orange, with jojoba & hemp seed oil. I've switched over from The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil actually! Prefer the scent of milkman and that there's more beard oil to go around, so I use it a lot more.  (A Wright) 22-Mar-14 MILKMAN Beard Oil -50 mL, Myrrh vetiver, sweet orange, hemp seed & jojoba oil

Hi Team, I wanted to let you know your service and product is fantastic my man absolutely loved his beard oil! Not to mention the name! (His nickname is milkman) . Keep up the great work will be sure to spread the name!!! (C Fisher)
21-Mar-14 Beard Oil (50 mL) - Citrus Bergamot, with jojoba & tamanu

My Beard Oil came in the mail today and it's honestly fantastic stuff. The product is absolute top quality and it has such a rich smell. It's rad stuff. (L Young)
19-Mar-14 Beard Oil (50 mL) - Cinnamon, citrus & spice, with jojoba & tamanu

Oil is excellent. Very happy with quality (carpetbags) 
18-Mar-14 00:07 MILKMAN Beard Oil -50 mL, Myrrh vetiver, sweet orange, hemp seed & jojoba oil