1. Brendan Clark - not only is he an in-store stylist, but he is regularly changing between facial hair styles, as seen in this photo he is rocking a killer, neat moustache! @bjc_creative


2. Taylor Dunkley - this Barber not only creates works of arts on his clients but his beard is pretty luxurious and full, he has featured previously on our YouTube channel displaying his mastery at trimming beards! @taylordunkley_


3. Sam Lees - this guy can rock both a tough demanding career in Corporate Law and Engineering, but also a full and lengthy beard with the help of a variety of our products. @unofficial.sam


4. Andrew Hook - on top of a love for tattoos, tacos and tequila, Andrew has a love for beard care. His long curly beard is evidence of the care, time and dedication he has put towards his beard. @hooky_73


5. Jason Artis - his beard extends down his chest, which blows romantically in the wind while he cycles and gets sweaty and crazy while he dances. @macgalleon


6. James Richardson - no matter the stress he places on his beard, with his love of fitness, the outdoors and 4x4 driving, his beard is always in prime condition credit to his use of the Milkman products. @puptrk 


7. Shane Smedley - on top of his amazing transformation from a weight of 145+kg to a fit body type, Shane has put lots of effort into growing a full and less patchy beard, the difference is beyond remarkable, what little changes to facial hair routines can have such massive impacts upon ones appearance. @fatblokefit


8. Ryan Cable - his participation in the 'Viking Beard' club in Australia is very understandable once you see this mans amazing beard, his curly brown locks kept in place through a careful preparation process with our Milkman products. @riza.vision 


9. Andrew Mikhail - much like the rest of us Andrew has a love for food and is self-considered as a 'foodie', he also shares this passion with lifting weights! His beard is kept in schmick condition with no stray hairs or food stains catching him out. @andrreewwm


10. Andrew Leonard - he is heavily involved within the group known as 'Bearded Villains', you can understand why when you see his long curly beard, and yet he maintains clear edges (perfect styling!). @Ak_leonard89

11. Rob Mod - another 'Bearded Villain' who is also very proud of his lengthy well maintained beard, he always enjoys a good cup of coffee or a cold beer, never with the worry of ruining his manicured facial hair! @rob.mod

12. James Naylor - this man is a talented multi-tasker, he not only participates as a 'Bearded Villain' but is a dedicated father, husband and geek (self-acclaimed), as well as the maintainer of an awesome beard!! @jimmy_615

13. Jules Centauri - a religious visiter of Barber Shops, Jules has featured previously in one of our YouTube videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHcxkUeuIqY). He prioritises beard care in life and the results are just awesome! @jules.centauri

14. Brody Dosek - not only is this guy passionate about his adorable Direwolf, but growing a long, full beard!! He shows off the perfect match between sleek and rugged. @dosexy

15. Matt Duprez - this guy is the definition of punk rock, while he is the possessor of a full and tidy beard, he also is a passionate musician (electric guitar particularly). He also, much like the rest of us enjoys a sneaky food photo when its looking extra on point! @KnobsandNoises

16. Jonny White - another member of the Bearded Villains when you see his long beard you will understand why! Passionate about beard care we couldn't overlook this awesome guy as an ambassador. @triplej_1006

17. Stu Yovan - while he lacks hair in other areas, he makes up for it with a killer beard, short but sweet. He shows off a killer structure, growing his beard from patchy to full and lengthy! @thebeardedjuan_

18. Ben Claypole - a true family man to his wife and three daughters, Ben shows us how easy it is to manage a gorgeous family and killer beard! Proving that there is never an excuse for not properly looking after your beard. @BigBenCheena

19. Jade Mann - much like the rest of us, Jade enjoys a good cold beer, along with his curly long beard he results looking like a real dude, no wonder he is yet another member of the Bearded Villains. @beardomann

20. Russell Flint - his hair is just awesome in every way, both on top of his head and down his face. Russell clearly knows how to look after hair, hence he has so much of it, on top of that he is nicknamed 'Red' we can all see why! @thebearded_ranga

21. William Ingram - this guy is almost defining life goals, with not only an amazing beard (and eating delicious dessert dishes), but he travels all over the place, takes super cool photos and is a pretty good horticulturalist! @portabletacohat