Cotton Face Towel
Cotton Face Towel Cotton Face Towel
$15.00 AUD

There is something therapeutic & yet masculine about the shaving process. But there's something wrong with ending your shave or beard cleaning session by wiping with your girlfriend's pink towel.

This matte black, 100% cotton towel, puts the “man” in manscaping. Measuring in at 37 cm x 60 cm it’s perfect for drying your face, beard & hair, playing sport, going to the gym or hitting a round of golf.

Pro tip - One of the best styling tools for your beard & moustache is actually a towel. Towel drying is the first step and foundation for which you begin to style. Drying your hair in a uniform direction allows you to lengthen and straighten your facial hairs, making your beard appear fuller & easier to style when you apply product.

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