Top 5 Limited Edition Men's Sneaker Releases For 2018

Sneaker, Milkman Grooming Co.

While traditionally reserved for athletes and sports personalities, sneaker collaborations are fast becoming the yardstick for success for celebrities of all types. From social media entrepreneurs to rappers and everyone in between. Style and function are merged, and these highly anticipated sneaker drops, almost always sell out.

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Barber Beard Trim & Shave Series Ep 03 (Clean Shaving Long Hair & Beard Shaping)

barber beard trim and shave seriesIn the third video of this series our expert barber Antony Saltari from the Barbery in Adelaide shows us how he crafts beards into works of art using years of experience along with the right tools & products. In part one we show you how to clean shave long stubble (over 1 cm in length) leaving silky smooth skin. In the second part we show you how to blend & shape big beards using our beard models Brendan & Daniel.

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Barbering Beard Styling & Shave Series Ep 1

Barbering Beard Styling & Shave video series
In the first episode of this series, expert barber instructor Antony from The Barbery in Adelaide takes us through 2 beard styles. First up is Darcy, a lawyer from Sydney who came in for a clean up of his hair & beard. We gave him a light low fade & throwback before it was onto the beard. To start, Antony combs in some beard oil to pre-soften & lubricate the beard for cutting. Without a guide, some of the longer strays are trimmed off to get a basic shape... 

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Grooming Habits of a Boss

well groomed boss, milkman grooming co.

To reach an elite level in any endeavour it's imperative that you develop good habits. Although some rituals may seem inconsequential, over a life time they can have a massive impact on your quality of life. For many of you, there are habits that seem pretty obvious. Commitment to learning, reading books, being social...

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