How to Maintain Your Beard When Travelling

bearded man grooming beard with travel products

When you are travelling you enjoy the luxury of fluffy fresh towels, meals brought to your door and someone else making the bed every day. However, there are also those things that you can’t get just right when you’re away from home, whether that’s adjusting the temperature in your room or finding your favourite brand of water.

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6 Ways to be the Alpha Beard at Work

bearded man in workplace
In 2017 a UK business The Mears Group made headlines when it called for clean-shaven faces in the workplace, forcing employees into shaving their beards, moustaches and other facial hair. Being in the construction business, the beard ban was implemented to ensure the...

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Doing Movember? Don't Grow Your Moustache Unless you Understand these Tips

man with moustache and brush styling it
After much deliberation (and with Movember as the perfect cover story) you have decided to grow out your moustache for the first time. Now, perhaps, you're researching the best way to go about it, instead of finishing that piece of work you know you should be doing. Either way, we're not going to waste your time. In this article we go deep on moustache theory so you'll know exactly...

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